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Review: The blush factor by Gun Brooke

Eleanor Ashcroft is at the top of her game. Revered by stockholders, feared in boardrooms and by employees all over the Eastern Seaboard, her life changes when she decides to restore an inherited makeup company to its former glory. While doing research, Eleanor discovers the YouTube makeup gurus and the most successful channel, “The Blush Factor,” becomes her guilty pleasure. She finds the much-younger woman in the videos mesmerizing and profoundly attractive in a way she had never felt about a woman before. 

Addison Garry loves makeup. A YouTube celebrity, her video tutorials and reviews attract hordes of viewers. When Eleanor wants Addison to do consulting for her company, Addison needs the money and knows she can’t refuse the infamous businesswoman. Working with Eleanor, Addison finds it hard to act strictly professional as she both fears her and dreams of winning her heart. Eleanor in turn realizes that her attraction to Addison is not a mere midlife crisis at all, but looks very much like love.

                                          My opinion:
Eleanor was looking for a successful youtube guru for a make up company and she found "Blush", a beautiful and very talented young girl.She contacted her through her e-mail and because Addie aka Blush needed the money for her sister's surgery accepted the job.Addie was excited for her new job, she loved make up and now she could earn alot of money. Addie developed an instant crash for Eleanor she was drooling over pictures she found on the internet.From the day one she was very professional and for every argument she had with the rest of the team she had an advice or a solution to give them. The other staff was giving hell to Addie but she was a strong person and she wanted to do her job right so she wasn't giving up.Both women were getting along very well and even though Eleanor was always a strict businesswoman she truly cared about Addie and her sister.Ellie was watching every video on Addie's channel not only because of the job she offered
her but because she wanted to see her and hear her voice.The attraction was very strong between them and couln't be ignored. The make out session at Addison's house verified that they both had the same feelings and lust for each other.When Stacey's health condition got worst Eleanor stayed close to Addison and helped her with everything.When Ellie tried to help with
the hospital bills Addie became very angry with her because she misunderstood her intentions.They had a big argument and almost call it off but Stacey saved the day.Addie went to apologise and everything became clearer and better.

That was fantastic. It's so sweet and romantic.Both women had their own "demons" and they didn't let anyone be close to them. But from the moment they met each other everything felt so natural between them.Their love became so strong in a short time.Addie's thoughts threatened her relationship with Ellie but with her sister's help she managed to avoid a real catastrophe...

My favourite character is Stacey, she is a teenage girl full of energy, funny,loving,caring and really smart.
Addie is a strong young woman who had to be a sister and a mother for her younger sibling.She also was scarred by her parents disapproval when she came out to them.

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