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Review: The Ninety Days Of Genevieve by Lucinda Carrington

He is an arrogant, worldly entrepreneur who always gets what he wants.

And what he wants is for Genevieve to spend the next ninety days submitting to his every desire...

                                                                 My opinion:

Genevieve was trying to convice Mr Sinclair to give his account to Barringtons but she had no success until one day he made a proposition to her. She agreed before he tell her the details.She would give him what he wanted and he would give his signature.He had a small taste of her in her office. A few days after that he called her and gave her instructions about what she should do and where to meet him.Back in his house he told her the details, she was his for 90 days. She would be whoever he wanted her to be and if she wanted to back out the deal would be off.Her colleagues warned her about Sinclair and at some point she was wandering if they were right.When she found out that another woman bought a certain gift for Sinclair she was jealous.She loved everything he did to her. From day one he had found what turned her on and was using it. As the days for the end of the agreement were approaching he was pushing her limits.When she went out with a friend she saw him with another woman and became furious.In the last day he played his last card so he can make her confess her true feelings she had for him.It worked you see Sinclair is a good judge of character...

I loved the end.
He was arrogant most of the time and you could see that when Gen was talking about business he was very annoyed.
She was falling for him but she didn't want to show it because she thought that he was using her.
It has a lot of bondage,stripping,voyeurism,exhibitionism and tons of jealousy.        

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                                         The ninety days of Genevieve

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