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Review: Hustle me (A Bank Shot Romance) by Jennifer Foor

John (Jammer) Thomas is not one of the good guys your parents want you to end up with. He's been on his own since he was seventeen, traveling from city to city, making enough money to survive by doing the only thing he's ever been good at. 
Playing pool.
He's covered in tattoo's and has a mouth that would make a grandmother cry.
He doesn't do relationships.
He doesn't care about anyone besides himself.
He's a drifter.
A Hustler.
At first look, she's just a pretty little thing behind the bar, but Charlene (Charlie) is so much more. 
After her parents died in a fire she was put into the foster care system. Thanks to her good grades and hard work, she earned herself a scholarship.
Feeling like she was finally going to make something for herself, she finds out she has inherited a bar and a kid brother, from a father she never even knew.
While she tries to manage her new life, people from her father's past come to collect old debts and threaten everything Charlie has left.
Can she really trust Jammer, or is he just helping her for what it pays out?

                                                   My opinion:
Charlie's parents were killed in a fire, from that moment she had nightmares that she couldn't get rid off, not with therapy or sleeping medication.After that she was from one foster home to another. She was the best student in class just because she was afraid to go to her "home" so she was taking every class she could.With this way she was accepted in every college she applied.Charlie has only one good friend,Zach.After a few days she found out that she inherited a bar and a baby brother from a father she didn't know.

Jammer wasn't good on school and he didn't want to join his family business so he did the only thing he knew best, he played pool and lived with what he earned from it.He became better at it because he was able to learn from one of the best players.Charlie's father was the one that had helped Jammer.So when Jammer got back to find him he met Charlie there.She was having a hard time there because of her father's debts and because she had no clue how to run a place like this. Jammer stuck around for a while and played pool at the bar, while he managed to piss her off every time he got to talk to her.
When some creepers started bothering charlie he offered to help her since he knew that his father was behind of this. They both liked each other and couldn't get enough of each other so they tried to be together as a couple.Both Jammer and Charlie found some secrets about their past that drove them apart. But Jammer was determined to have her back because he 
loved her.Would his father vendetta be able to keep them away forever?

I'm glad i found this book. It has the perfect mix of romance and trouble.I loved the way Charlie treated her little brother the kid was amazing.I also like the sweet story about Charlie and Jammer when they were kids. I needed lots of tissues when i was reading her dad's notes about her and Jammer, it was so emotional.

My favourite lines:
1) "Look what the cat drug in."
   "If I were you, I wouldn't mention pussy unless you’re offering some." 
    "In your dreams." 
   "Yeah, I'd take that dream any night." 
2)He stuck out his hand. "I'm Jammer."
"What kind of name is that?" It sounded ridiculous.
"It's the name you'll be calling out the next time you’re holding a shower head between your legs and wishing it was my mouth."
3)“Charlie, can you say one kind
thing? I am starting to think that I am helping Satan’s daughter. It’s kind of creepy.”
4)He thought his dick was throbbing. My pussy was on fire just hearing him whispering in my ear. 
5)"This perfect ass is what I dream about at night. I picture your plump lips around my dick and your titties bouncing all around my face. I wake up all hard and ready to fill you with my love juice."
Her eyebrow cocked up and she shook her head. "Love juice?"

"Yeah, you know how it is. Stop denying your addiction to my penis. It's not healthy to lie."

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                        Hustle me

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