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Review: Midnight Playground or Play with me by Eliza Gayle

Eve's desperate denial only means one thing...she has a lot to learn.

As the receptionist at Altered Ego, the hottest fetish photography studio in the country, Eve Blake has seen what goes on behind closed doors. And she wants in, no matter what it takes. When a custom order comes up for a plus-sized red head, she volunteers for the job. Maybe pretending to be a sexual slave for Chase's camera will finally get her noticed by the two men she thinks will understand even her darkest cravings.

Chase can't believe he and Murphy agreed to this deal. Eve is their employee and they learned the hard way not to mix business with pleasure, no matter how sexy she is. Now Eve wants to play in a game she thinks is pretend and he can't stop thinking of their rope against her creamy flesh. But once they start, there's no turning back. They'll have to have her.

                                                  My opinion:
Eve blake was a receptionist at Altered Ego.She was watching the photoshoots secretely and wished to be in the model's position.She was attracted by both Murphy and Chase.An important client mad a request for a photoshoot and Eve offered to be the model since she was a perfect fit for it, a redhead plus size woman.Chase declined her offer at first.He wanted Eve,
he had seen the submissive in her from the moment he met her but he also knew that she was too innocent for him. Murphy thought that they should give her a chance.Chase went to her house and gave her the contract, if she singed it everything would be different. She singed it and the next day the shooting started.All of them enjoyed every single moment of this. The job was done but both men wanted more from her.They had something to eat and made her open to them.After that Chase made a proposition to her, they would make her fantasies come true but he would capture them on film.They both were in love with her and she fall for them too, but Chase was afraid that this menage relationship wouldn't work just like the previous one they had with another woman.At some point everything became clear they loved her, they owned her and she loved it...

Incredible.Eve,a strong woman who was afraid to let her guard down but with Chase's and Murphy's help she found what she didn't know she was craving,her freedom. She loved to be bound,to follow commands but she didn't want to be called submissive. That changed when they showed her how good she better it would be if she would stop thinking like that. Her fantasies came true and her life became far better that she would ever imagine.Chase was able to forget the betrayal of his previous girlfriend and they finally had their perfect menage relationship.

My favourite lines:
1)Chase winced at the obvious damage his gruff behavior had caused. Way to go,dumbass.
2)“Holy shit, woman. You really don‟t make it easy to keep a mind on the job, do you? A G-string and those fucking shoes? I swear I‟ve died and gone to heaven.”
3)“Her misery?” Murphy changed his rhythm and rolled his hips instead of

pounding into her. “Try mine. The little minx is trying to milk it out of me.”

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