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Review: Trouble and the wallflower by Kade Boehme

Raised in near seclusion by an agoraphobic mother, Davy Cooper’s social skills are almost nonexistent. Now that his mother has died, he needs to make friends for the first time in his life. He catches Gavin Walker’s eye, but the sexy, confident, bad boy hipster intimidates shy Davy so much that he throws away Gavin’s number every time he offers it. 

When Gavin defends Davy from a rude guy, Davy begins to warm to him. However, with his limited experience, he thinks he and Gavin are too different, and anything more than a casual acquaintance will end in complete disaster.

                                  My opinion:
Davy was a shy and quiet person.He also had some social anxiety issues. People never noticed him except from one guy,Gavin. He was sexy but Davy would never be his conquest.He hated his body reaction when Gavin was around.Gavin was hitting on Davy, Davy was rejecting him all the time (in his own way) but Gavin wasn't giving up.He had a serious crash on Davy but 
his "slutty" ways were pushing him away.But he was determined to have at least one chance with him. Gavin took an information from one of his friends and was ready to use it in order to achieve his goal.Davy had started to spend time with Gavin and his friends and he liked it. They all seemed to be good men.When Davy kissed Gavin,he was surprised but he wouldn't let 
this slip.The end of it wasn't really good because Gavin acted like a real asshole. After a few days he went to apologise and asked for a last chance.Gavin felt so close to Davy and told him things he had never told to anyone else.They both loved each other so much.They were finally both happy.When Gavin's mom dissapeared and with Ray's death things changed abit between them but they also realised that together would get through of all the problems.

The cutest and most romantic story i have ever read!!! They were so cute together,even though they were both scared because they didn't know how to be in a relationship. Gavin and Davy had problems based on their family but their love helped them get overcome them.
Gavin was cute,sexy,smug. Davy was sweet,shy,quiet but at the end he showed how strong he was.

The moment that gavin left after Davy blowed him i was like wtf is wrong with you?

My favourite lines:
1)“Why me?” Gavin’s voice was muffled by the table.
       “I’m sorry, Oh Slutty One. What was that?”

2)“I’m afraid you had one very small window here and you slammed that motherfucker good tonight.”

3)Sean’s look was incredulous. “Dude. You’re so lucky you met me.”

       Davy snorted. “The jury’s still out on that one.”

4)“Hey, they’re your friends too,” Gavin pointed out.
    “I refuse to claim them.” Davy turned his nose up.

5)“When did you become such a wise-ass, Cooper?”
 “I guess it’s sexually transmitted, Walker.” 

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                        Trouble and the wallflower

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