Review: Don't trust the cut by Kade Boehme

Tucker Gray is a Baltimore, MD waiter, hailing from the deep south, whose mental health issues and past relationships have made it hard to trust more than the cut. After he hits what he thought was rock bottom Tucker decides to keep close to the ones who stood by him and keep his head down, until he finds something to prove it can get better.

Jesse Bauer is unsure what his future holds after an injury forces him to retire from the marines. With all of the decisions he has to make in his civilian life with all of its freedoms and possibilities, he feels staying closeted and keeping the people in his life happy will keep down the chaos.

Until the night he met Tucker Gray at a party he thought that’d be possible, but both of them are instantly and strongly in lust. As their relationship grows Jesse has to prove himself and Tucker has to learn to trust more than the cut.

My opinion:

Tucker had just returned from his "trip to Canada" and his friends would through him a welcome home party the next time along with another's friend birthday and a celebration for a marine guy. Jesse wasn't having so much fun at the party since he didn't know anyone there except of his girlfriend (who was a bit bitchy).But then Tucker arrived and everything changed.After a year they met again at Tucker's work and Jesse asked him to meet with him for a beer.Tucker had obviously a thing for Mr Military.Miranda (Jesse's girlfriend) had invited Tucker and Alison ( Tucker's friend) at Jesse's birthday party and as a thank you they invited them back to their place for dinner.They had a good time that night.The next night Jesse decided that he should call it off with Miranda since he wasn't happy and he had a thing for Tucker.They were seeing each other, having a good time but still Tucker had his secrets and Jesse wasn't ready to "come out" yet. Jesse
wasn't sure if he had to stay but he couldn't leave him.When his mom found out about the new boyfriend she was not happy. When Jesse found out about Tucker's past he lost it and Tucker kicked him out without giving him the chance to explain. After an incident that scared everyone, Jesse was able to be back at Tucker's life and explain what had happened a few months back.

It is a sweet story.I love how Jesse became from too serious to a more friendly person, especially around Tucker and Alison.{Alison is my favourite character}.Tucker was always so afraid that he would be judged about his past and wouldn't let anyone in his life.But thankfully that changed and he could be happy at the end.I felt really proud for Jesse when he managed to come out of his closet.It was nice to see him happy for the first time in his life... I didn't realise what the title of the book meant until the end of it.

My favourite lines:
1)“And that’s our show, ladies and gentleman. Tips are greatly appreciated.” Alison took a dramatic bow. She looked at Jesse expectantly, hand out. “No, really. Hooker has bills to pay.”
  “You’re clearly not a good hooker,” Jesse said. “I’m keeping my tip as a restocking fee for my
unhappy dick.”

2)Who am I? Jiminy Cricket? 

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                      Don't trust the cut

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