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Review: When i say when by Tia Fielding

Jordan has his hands full running the publishing firm he saved from going under at the cost of his personal life. He doesn’t have time to date, but that’s not to say he doesn’t have needs.

Instead of trying to find a date, Jordan makes an appointment with a prostitute—something he’s never done before—and his companion turns out to be his high school crush, Gabe! Panic would ruin everything, including the chance at something real that Jordan suddenly craves.

                                                             My opinion:
Jordan was a very busy businessman who didn't have time to date, but he also never had any good relationship. So he decided to go to a prostitute. But the specific prostitute happened to be his first love, Gabe.When he saw him at the door he remembered the days they spend together when they were much younger. Jordan was ready to leave but Gabe stopped him and they  had a great night. The morning Jordan left leaving the money on a table, from that day he was miserable.When he opened Gabe's site he read a few comments that made him think that he wasn't just another client for him. They confessed their love

and have been together since then.

It is a pretty nice short story about a man who never forgot his first true love.After so many years he was able to live what he always dreamed of.
I didn't understand the title of the book though....

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