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Review: Game Changer (Hell's Saints Motorcycle Club #1) by Paula Marinaro

“That place is what we call a game changer, sweetheart. If there comes a time you when you need that place, everything about your life will have to change.” 
When Raine Winston walked into the Hells Saints Compound, she was desperately seeking a safe haven. What she found instead was Diego Montesalto, a mountain of muscle and the man she had driven all night to escape from. 
The last thing Diego ever expected to see walking through the doors of the Saints clubhouse was Raine. The beautiful, brave woman who he had just spent the night drinking and sexing off his mind. Diego and Raine. 
This is their story. Raw. Complicated. A love story filled with murder, mayhem, intrigue, and the Happily Ever After.

                                      My opinion:
Raine's little sister had a junkie and abusive boyfriend. Her sister loved him very much and she started doing drugs too. They owned money to some bikers and Raine told them she could give them the money in a few days. She told them where the money was and one of the bikers named Diego planned to keep her safe but the plan didn't go as well as he thought.
From time to time Raine remembered parts of her past,her mom her dad and their good friend Prosper. He was her dad's best friend and now he was one of the Founders of Hell's Saints MC. She had mostly good memories of him.So when she felt that she was in danger she went to find him.There she saw him again, after 20 years she felt safe again.Diego wanted Raine but he had to be sure Prosper was good with that and that's what he did. He would make sure that everyone knew she was his and he would always keep her safe. Raine might be a scared and hurt woman but she was also a fighter. It seemed that she found a new family in the MC, they gave her a job, she was having a good time there. She had the chance to learn more about her past from another person. Raine was free from her past and she was going to start again with her sister in her life. Raine was in love with Diego and they were happy until he fucked it all up.Every time she was happy something bad was happening.But at the end Raine had what she always deserved...

It's an amazing story. It gives information not only about the main charachters but all of them. All of their stories are very interesting and emotional.
Two girls who didn't have a good life but were strong enough to learn how to survive. The two sisters are so much alike, they both are brave and strong but we get to see how afraid they can be from time to time.

My favourite lines:
1)When Jamie’s sleeve was rolled up, his arms looked like a road map that said: Next Stop Heroin. This Way Please.

2)“Real men are the ones who go to sleep next to you at night, wake up next to you in the morning and
hold you in their hearts all the hours in between. You make sure, when it’s your time, you pick a man
like that.”

3)“Never had a woman who blushed before.” His smile was getting bigger. “Honey, you’re all pink and
hot and we haven’t even started yet. I like that.”

4)“You broke your fingers, both hands. Hearing gone too. Voice, ditto. Only explanation.

5)Now he had to go back inside and deal with the Powerpuff Girls

6)“Babe, you got about a half a second to stop pushing your ass against my dick, then I’m gonna throw
you on your back and bury myself deep in you, fucked up knee or not. I really don’t want to hurt you

babe, but you gotta stop.” 

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                    Game Changer

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