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Review: Renegade Lady (Renegade Sons MC) by Dawn Martens

Jenna “Ice” Chandler grew up as part of a motorcycle club. She considered it her home, until one wrong move made it her prison. After months of abuse, she is rescued by Chipper, who takes her to Big Clifty, Missouri, home of the Renegade Sons MC. 

Kiddrick “Kidd” Jones is the president of the Renegades. He knows there is something special about Ice the moment his older brother, Chipper, brings her into the club, but stays away, because she is too young. 

When time comes for Ice to take her place in the club, she has two choices, become an old lady or a club whore. Not believing in love and knowing a man can never be faithful, she decides to earn her spot on her back. 

With each passing year, Kidd's feelings for Ice grows and the urge to make her his becomes stronger. Frustrated and jealous, he finally decides it’s time to make her his. 

Will Ice finally thaw out and give love a chance, or is Kidd fighting a losing battle?

                                             My opinion:
Jenna's father let an asshole claim her as his old lady so he can keep his secrets burried. But she was lucky and soon enough someone rescued her from him, that man was Chipper a member of the Renegade Sons MC. He took her home with him and claimed her as family, so now she had people who would care and protect her.Jenna instantly felt like a member of that family and she became friends with Chipper's young brother Kidd.She had a crush on him but he was seeing her as his new lil sister.It hurt her to see him with other women but she could do nothing about it because she was too young.
Kidd had to leave for club buisness and when he got back instead of his sweet girl he found the most fuckable woman of the world.When she turned 18 Kidd tried to claim her as his but something bad happened he lost his mind for a while and fucked the whole thing up.He regretted everything he said and he was ready to fight for her.He had to work hard for it because Jenna was conviced that she was only good as a whore.She chose how to live her life for many years but her past was coming to haunt her. Kidd was furious that noone told him about the person who wanted to harm Ice but he would 
protect his girl no matter what.

It's definately a worth reading story. A bit hardcore for me. I have never read an MC story as this one. I hated a few characters, one of them was Kidd's father. I liked how strong Jenna became but i wasn't such a fan of how
she chose to live for a few years. Kidd was an ass for a while but he eventually became the man that we all knew he was. I loved Chipper he acted as the best dad in the world and the best man a woman can ever have.

My favourite lines:
1)“She’s nearly eighteen. You got a little while before you can go there. When you do, it better be for more than just 
a quick ride. I won’t  be here then, but I can guarantee that I will come back and haunt your ass if you hurt my girl.”

2)“But you know what they say. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                            Renegade Lady

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