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Review: The Rockers' babies by Terri Anne Browning

The Rockers’ Babies 
After the nightmares of our childhoods my guys and I have finally found the happiness we deserve. Shane is getting married, Drake and Jesse are going to be fathers, and I’m making my own career with Nik’s encouragement. It’s taken a lifetime, but finally we have moved on… 

I should have known better than to think life was just going to be simple from here on out. I knew from firsthand experience that right when you get comfortable and content those bitches Fate throw a curve ball into the mix. I wasn’t expecting the possible tragedy that we are faced with. I’m the strong one, the one that has to help the rest of them through the tough times, but I don’t know how strong I can be for them through this… 

                                              My opinion:
The story begins with Shane's weird bachelor party.In this book the story is told by all of the Rocker's family members. Most of them were having fun there. At the wedding reception the one problem follows the other. Most of them are freaking out and Em tries to find a solution as always.The problem was way bigger and more dangerous that what they thought but
everything turned out good.Many lifes were threatened there were a bit of a drama and we get to see a part of Dallas and Axton's story.The babies were so adorable and looked alot like the rockers.

I like how the women have come to a point that they now trust their men no matter what. They show how close they are as a family and they help each other in every bad situation. There's lot's of sex like every book in this series and the girls turned out to be more bitches while they're pregnant.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                           The Rockers' Babies

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