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Review: Switched by Anne O'Connell

Brad has always known Kali as a vivacious Domme with an attitude. Then one night, in the heat of passion, Kali turns completely submissive for Brad. Looking to find out the reason behind the sudden and unexpected switch, he and his friends begin digging into Kali's past only to discover some secrets should be left buried. Will Kali's past come back haunt Brad and to destroy Kali and their new relationship?

                                                              My opinion:
This is the story of Kali a Switch and Brad a Dom. They have been friends for a few months but after one surprising night they started "sleeping" together. Brad realised that Kali as sub was different and he thought that someone had hurt her in the past, so he wanted to find out what had happened to her.He asked from his friend to call an investigator so he can search Kali's past.He asked her a few questions but she lied to him. Brad noticed a few reactions from Keli that never saw before and he was worried about her.After her emotional breakdown  she remembered her first Dom and exactly what he had  done to her.When the investigator went to her ex Dom and asked questions he didn't like it and he showed how dangerous
he can be.He sent people to find her and bring her back to him.When Kali found out about it she was scared to death. But Brad was there to help her get through this.The FBI had a plan but it didn't go exactly as they  planned it.

It is a great story. You can see the struggle of a submissive woman becoming a Domme and then a submissive again.How she fall in love with another Dom and the demons of her past don't leave her to be happy with that man.The psycho exes exist in this book too (but this one is way worst).I love that there is some action in this story. There's also a common problem for couples,  communication, which in this situation brought their life in danger. We can also read about how Amy's and Eric's life is after a few months of  being together.

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