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Briar's cowboys (Daly Way series #5) by Brynn Paulin

Over a decade ago, Briar Rhodes’ mother dragged her kicking and screaming from Daly. Briar didn’t understand her mother’s sudden hatred of the idyllic town where Briar had lived her entire life. With no other choice but to go, she’d found herself adrift in a city so foreign to her it could never be home. 

Now years later, Briar is shocked to inherit a ranch from the father she never knew. However, it’s the foreman, Jax, and his team, Ram, Cannon and Hawk who entrance her. Stunned by the almost immediate attraction, she finds sensual pleasure and sexual satisfaction at their hands—all their hands…and mouths…and bodies. 

Suddenly she understands why she was taken away—to protect her from this ménage lifestyle. But she doesn’t want protection; she only wants more. For Briar and her cowboys, the Daly way is the only way.

                                                My opinion:
This is the fifth book of the Daly Way series.
Briar's dad, who she had never met, died and left her his ranch in Daly. Briar used to live there but left when she was a teenager, now that she was back she saw her friends. Briar missed this place, and she loved how it looked like now, but she knew nothing about ranches, could she learn about how to run this one? Jax, the lawyer of the ranch,was in love with her,his friend Ram wanted her too and they would try to have her. Briar might have inherited a ranch but she earned two wonderful lovers and she had great time with them and the two other cowboys. The ranch didn't have much money but her two cowboys promised her that they could make it work as it used to. All of her men helped and made the ranch very successful, Briar had her happily ever after in Daly.

Lovely and sexy story.Briar was a woman who used to do things on her own and didn't want help. Her men showed her that she didn't need to do that. Their relationship developed fast as every other in Daly but was also very strong. The sex scenes are great and kinky.

My favourite lines:
1)“It’s the Daly way, baby. It’s how we roll.”

2)He smiled. “Jax would like a…” he looked at his pad. “A…What the fuck are you thinking? And
Cannon would like a… Are you insane? Ram and Hawk both ordered a…we’ll kick the ass of anyone
who touches you. And your cousin said he’s just having a you damned well will take my help. Not sure I

understand that.” Devon smirked while Briar rolled her eyes.

You can buy it on Amazon:
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