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Roped by the team (Daly Way series #6) by Brynn Paulin

A year ago, Moon Szuzman had a life-changing encounter with three cowboys out on the range of the Flying D ranch. It promised to become something forever, but when they returned to civilization, everything went crazy. A freak fire plunged the men into nonstop work yet caused Moon to lose her job. Needing employment, she took another in LA, leaving her family, the men and Daly far behind. 

Now returning for vacation, she finds three determined cowboys ready to do anything to convince her stay. She agrees to a fling—and only a fling—unsure they’ll want her once they learn her secrets. She soon finds herself roped by the team she left behind, and that team isn’t willing to let her go without a fight. 

                                                My opinion:
The sixth book of the Daly Way series.
The continuation of the story of Moon. Moon had vowed to be less wild, less free-spirited but ended up sleeping with three cowboys. Even though in Daly wasn't strange to be in a relationship like this, she still thought it was wrong. Moon left from Daly and a year after she was back there. At her first day there she came face to face with one of her cowboys. She missed them so much, and they did too.The men decided that they would make her wanna stay with them and they had a great and fun plan.Moon didn't believe that she could have a normal relationship, not without revealing the secrets of her past.Things were getting more complicated and even though she wanted to stay she didn't know how to do it. After a conversation with her sisters and a few other problems she realised she couldn't leave them or Daly, they were her family and Daly was her home.

Beautiful story it concentrates more about the problems that  the main characters have and their love for each other. Although there are pretty hot sex scenes.There's also a little bit of action/drama.

My favourite lines:
1)I want you to come,” he repeated, “then I’m going to drive my cock into you so hard you’ll feel me for days. I want to feel your cunt squeezing every bit of the seed from my cock as you clamp around me.” 

2) “Troubles?” Sully asked as he climbed from the truck, followed by Cord. Pete hopped out the other side.
She planted her hands on her hips. “No,” she answered sarcastically. “I thought I’d stop and look at the alfalfa crop. Having the car’s hood open helps bring out the color.” 

3)“Hey, I can have my opinion. You better come and deal with him before I have a couple of the hands take him for a ride then lose him in the back pastures. I’m sure Pete would be thrilled to help with that.”

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                                   roped by the team

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