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Tiny (The Skulls #4) by Sam Crescent

 Tiny is the leader of The Skulls and the main protector of Fort Wills, but that wasn’t always the case. He has a dark past, and it’s about to come and bite him in the ass.

Eva cannot stay with a man who’ll keep her in the dark. She’s the daughter of the man who runs the underground fighting circuit in Vegas, and there is iron in her that none of the Skulls suspects. Backing down from what she wants has never been in her nature, but Tiny is too far gone. There’s no hope of holding him.

When Tiny and his boys are attacked on a drug run, he has no choice but to head to the woman he loves. Tiny doesn’t know which of his men are alive or dead. He only knows his past has finally caught up with him. But how can he go back home without his daughter’s man?

Lives will be tested, and lives will be lost. Tiny will be pushed to the breaking point, and he’ll have to make a choice. Who can he save when all seems lost?

                                                             My opinion:
Everyone thought that Tiny was happy with his marriage but he wasn't, he needed something that his wife couldn't give him.When he buried her he understood how much he had harmed her.Tiny decided to hire a nanny for his daughter and thenEva came.He liked her but he knew he could nothing with her, she was way too young for him.

The Skulls have been through alot but now they were back to business the only problem was that their enemies were still out there and waiting for them.Eva's dad was coming to get her away but Tiny wouldn't let that happen.Eva didn't want to stay with him because he was keeping secrets from her so he decided to tell her everything about his past.Tiny feared that the enemy would be Snitch and he knew that he had to prepare his men for the worst.Eva left and he was miserable.Snitch set them a trap, he killed alot of Tiny's men.Tiny wouldn't let anything else happen to his family and his town. He would end Snitch no matter what.

I think this is the most intense book of this series so far.It's very emotional, it has action, drama and hot sex.
It is devided in three parts:1) it's about Tiny trying to convice Eva to stay with him.I like this part, he finally admitted his feelings and he wasn't a jerk as usual.
2)is about The Skulls and their enemy, he found out who he was and took care of him, although he had a few losses.
3)is about Killer and Kelsey.They obviously have feelings for each other but Kelsey seems to be afraid of the bikers lifestyle.
The Skull men are amazing, strong and hot as hell...

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