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Killer ( The Skulls # 5) by Sam Crescent

Kelsey is married, and Killer needs to get away from her before he does something he might regret. Losing himself in a drunken night is not the answer, especially when he can’t stop loving her just because she’s off-limits. He confronts Kels to get all the details.

Her world is crashing around her. Everywhere she turns, she feels trapped. Panicking, Kelsey takes matters into her own hands. She would have succeeded, but Killer saves her, acting quickly.

Never before in all of his life has Killer been scared, and he’s even taken lives with his very hands. But seeing Kelsey’s on the brink of death, he knows he has to do something to protect her from the man who calls himself her husband.

It’s a race against time for Killer to protect his woman, as her husband is not all he seems to be. He’s got enemies who are looking for any way to hurt him. Will The Skulls be there for Killer, or will he face his enemies alone in order to protect the woman he loves?

                                                               My opinion:
  This is Kelsey's and Killer's story.
Kelsey had kept a secret from Killer and he was angry about it.He thought that he have found the right woman for him and now he felt betrayed.She was married but not because she was in love with that man, she married him because she had to. The whole club was seething and Tate went to Kelsey to find out the truth.Killer listened to Tate's advice and went to Kelsey as well.He didn't like the way he treated her, he should have stayed to hear the truth before react.Her husband was threatening her and she was feeling so weak, she tried to kill herself.When he saw her Killer lost his mind, he couldn't  survive if she was dead.{There were more secrets behind this marriage, dark and dangerous.}Kelsey was doing better but her freaking husband wasn't going anywhere.The whole club was behind him, they would find a way to get rid of him.The skulls always get what they want...

These men just can't stay away from trouble.
Amazing story,romantic, with lot's of action and a bit of drama.I loved this sweet side of Killer.He might be scary and rough but he's so good on the inside.Poor Kelsey i felt so sorry for her,
especially the part about how her parents treated her, awful.They are perfect for each other and this story proves it.I hated her husband at first and through the story but at some point i liked him a little, only a little.
Now to the next part, Zero is so screwed. In the last two books we can see his lust for Sofia, Nash's old lady,and we can realise that he will be in big trouble if he doesn't figure out how to deal with this.He almost crossed the line twice but what will happen the third time?
I hope that there will be a story about Zero too....

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