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Sexting curves(bbw romance) by Christa Wick


College senior Lillian "Lilliput" Richards really should move on from her side job of babysitting Stevie, the 10-year-old son of the exceedingly delicious Major Logan Jones. She's got a big girl's job to go with her big girl curves and has spent the summer racing between a downtown office building and the major's home.

Leaving Stevie isn't an option. She is very fond of her junior sidekick and, more importantly, the boy is missing his mom after the woman went AWOL to discover herself eight months ago. Oh, and there's another reason for staying -- Lily has been working a huge crush on the major for years. One-sided, of course. Not only is the major newly divorced and treats Lily like she's part of the family, but the man is hot enough to melt glaciers. There's not a thing a man like Logan could want with his plump, young and seemingly sedate babysitter.

At least that's what Lily thinks until a sexting skirmish with her best friend goes awry and brings the major rushing home. With all her dirty little fantasies about Logan and pictures of her lush body in the phone he's now holding, is Logan there to make her fantasies come true or fire her? 

                                           My opinion:
Lily has been working for major Logan for 5 years and slowly crushing on him. She loved his little boy, hated his ex wife. Every time she was staring at him her body was going crazy with need. One day she was texting with her friend but a very inappropriate message had gone to major's phone. Furious he came back home Lily thought that he was going to fire her. But that's not what happened. Her every dream with him was coming alive. Everything were good between them until his ex-wife came back. Will their relationship survive?

It was a nice, sweet and sexy story. The description was very detailed in the sex scenes. Lily was always worried about her plus size body and almost lost her chance with Logan. Logan was a great dad, hot man and very strict.

My favourite line:
"Baby, all those things you texted about..." He paused and his teeth grazed my jaw. "I'm going to do every last one of them tonight."

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