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Ripper's torment (Chaos Bleeds #2) by Sam Crescent

A late night phone call was never supposed to cause so much torment. 

Ripper will do anything for Chaos Bleeds, including cleaning up the Princess’s mess. When Judi calls him, he answers without thinking, and soon he has a dead body to hide and a car to destroy. He will do everything in his power to protect the young woman. What he doesn’t expect is the lust that hits him from being around her. 

After being used by a pimp, Judi never expected to sexually want a man. Devil and his crew saved her from hell, but Ripper is throwing her headfirst into heaven. Ripper’s touch makes her crave everything she’d given up on. 

However, Devil has adopted Judi as his daughter. No one touches or hurts the Princess of the club. What will Devil do when he learns that one of his most trusted men has claimed Judi for his own? 

                                           My opinion:
Second book of the Chaos Bleeds series. It's the story of Judi (Devil's adopted daughter) and Ripper's(a Chaos Bleeds member). Ripper was furious with Judi for putting herself in danger but as any of the Chaos Bleeds member he would do anything to protect her. He took Judi to a safe place and then called Curse to clean the mess. He spend the night with her, figured out he liked her and that he should move on, Princess was off limits if he wanted to be alive. But this didn't stop him from dreaming about her or spending more time with her. Once he crosses the line with her there was no going back. When Devil was
back from fort wills he would talk with him about Judi, she was his. When Devil found out he wasn't happy about it....
Ripper loved Judi and he would do and accept anything for her.

This story takes place the same time with Zero's. We see how Ripper is falling for Judi and Judi for him. They both struggle but can't stay away from each other. She finally feels what's it like to be loved and wanted by a man she wants. Lexie is having a bad pregnancy and Devil is worried but everything is great at the end. 

My favourite lines:
1)“I don’t like you right now.”
    “I don’t need you to like me. I can feel your pussy likes me so much more.”

2)“Ripper … will you please take me upstairs and fuck me until I’m screaming your name?”

   “Baby, nothing would give me greater pleasure.”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                            Ripper's torment

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