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Sleeping with the boss (Men Friends and Secrets #1) by Sam Crescent

Heather Booth has been in love with her boss since the moment she started working for him. The only problem, Julian Goff is a horn dog. When he’s ready to ditch a woman, he gives the women a piece of jewellery and sends them on their way.

When Heather and Julian get into an argument over her behavior outside of work, the passion between them ignites. They have sex on his desk when anyone could walk in and catch them.

Julian wants Heather more than he’s ever wanted any other woman in his life. He doesn’t do commitment. During a private conversation with her friends, Julian hears Heather’s true feelings for him. He has no choice but to let her go.

Never before has a woman got under his skin. Can Julian earn Heather’s trust back, and will he finally have the courage to give the woman he loves a ring?

                                                      My opinion:
Heather was working for Julian Goff, a sexy playboy.She also had a crash on him and Heather knew she had to get over this soon.Julian wanted her but only for a while he didn't do commitment.Her friends gave her an idea, to seduce him so she can see if she could ever have a chance with him. The plan worked but she didn't feel as good as she thought.Julian wasn't ready to lose her so he would do anything  to have her.He offered her an affair with him and she accepted it, Heather would be sleeping with the boss.She was having so much fun with him, he was a different man when they were together. Her 
friends were worried about her, thinking that he would treat her just like he did with the other women. He hurt her but he regretted that and was more than ready to fix that.

It was so beautiful, romantic and so hot. The characters are funny and amazing. It's well written. The story is mostly about the hot sex scenes between Heather and Julian. Even though the scenes with her friends were limited with the way it's written it stays with you how close she is with her friends and what they meant for each other. I highly recommend this.

My favourite lines:
1)“Are you a possessive kind of asshole? Because if you are we can end this now.”

2)“Great. Me looking like a strawberry is cute?” 

3)“Will you stop spanking my ass?” she asked, shooting a glare at him.
        “It’s such a spankable ass.” 

4)“I could fuck you forever. There is nowhere else I’d rather be,” 

5)“Yes, you can. All you need to do is say, ‘Julian, fuck my ass
please’. And I’ll make you scream as I fuck your hot little ass.”

6) “I never thought sleeping with the boss could make me so happy.”

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