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Devil's Charm ( Chaos Bleeds #1) by Sam Crescent

No one screws with the Chaos Bleeds crew! 

Devil is on the hunt for the whore who stole his kid. She may have given birth to his child, but she’ll never be the baby’s mother. 

When her sister, Kayla, knocks on her apartment door with a baby, Lexie has no choice to take him in. She loves the boy instantly, and there is no way she’ll give him up. When she loses her job, Lexie has no choice but to work in a strip club to help support the baby she’s been given. 

Devil wants Lexie the moment he sees her dancing. He doesn’t know at first that she’s the sister of the girl he’s been looking for, but when he does, everything falls into place. He’ll have his son and Lexie both all for his own, but when Kayla comes back to town, all bets are off. 

There is nothing Lexie can do to save her sister. She’s in love with Devil, and she knows he will do everything in his power to keep his family safe, no matter what she asks of him.

                                          My opinion:
Kayla left her son to her sister Lexie, she knew that she'd love him like he was her own. Lexie couldn't afford to raise a child.So Lexie ended up being a stripper. Lexie hated this job but she couldn't do anything else. Devil, the prez of Chaos Bleeds was the father of the baby and was trying to find it and Kayla. He found out that Kayla's sister had the baby and from sheer luck he found her working as a stripper at naked fantasies. She was afraid that he'd taken him away from her. Devil wanted her, he was determined to make her his, so he took both of them with him. Devil was ready to settle down with
his son and his woman.Along the way he adopted a young girl who had noone and was "damaged" by a pimp.After many days the pimp came back for Judi when Devil wasn't in town.Everything was fine after that until Kayla called.Devil was ready to murder her. After so many years on the road Devil was finally happy with his family...

Another good biker's story. This takes place the same time with Tiny's. Devil is a badass biker who would kill for the people he cares. Lexie is a sweet young woman who likes to take care of others. They didn't meet under the right circumstances but they fell instantly for each other. There isn't much action in this book but there's lots of love and sex.

My favourite lines:
1)“How does she find you running a strip club? Does she check your dick out for lipstick marks?”

2)“Boys, what do you think of the lovely Lexie?” Devil asked. One of his arms was wrapped around her waist as the other banded across her chest stopping her from going anywhere.
“Don’t know if I should answer that, Boss. You’ve staked your claim, and I love my dick a lot,”Curse said.

3) “You’re not being fair. How can I face them again?”
    “With a smile on your face knowing I’ve fucked you good.” 

4)“Please, Devil. Don’t tease me.”

    “You’re talking to the devil, baby. All I ever do is tease.”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                         Devil's Charm

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