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Wingman (Woman) by Bella Jewel

What can I say about Reign Braxton? 

King of sex. Jealous. Possessive. Obsessed. Gorgeous. 

Those are the first thoughts that come to mind when describing the sex extraordinaire that is my new boss. 

Six months ago, I would have melted to my knees at the very sight of him. Golden eyes, tall, broad, ripped beyond ripped, messy black hair and a smile to die for. He could flick your panties off and have them running for cover with a mere glance in your direction. 

He’s also an asshole. 

Like, a mega asshole. Not just your average prick—no, Reign takes prick to a whole new level. He owns the word. What he doesn’t own, however, is a heart. It packed its bags and ran off with the last woman who left him: the woman who put me in this position. 

The woman that brought Reign into my life. 


Also known as Slutena. That’s all she is, a giant whore with dollar signs in her eyes. Her need for Reign goes no further than a cock to warm her expensive pussy at night and a credit card to pay for her luxurious, make-her-legs-look-gorgeous shoes. 
But without Slutena, there would be no me. You see, although Reign is all those things to her, to him she’s like . . . sunshine or whatever. He looks at her and his golden eyes go all mushy. He fell for her million-dollar pussy and those damned legs, and then he found another man balls deep inside her just over a year ago. 

Broke his heart—the heart she still holds. 

So that’s where I come in. I’d like to call myself a superhero, but that would be unclassy. I’m far better. I’m the ultimate. I’m the reason his bed is kept warm and his ex is kept jealous. 

I’m Reign’s wingman. 

Or, wingwoman, if you will. 

                                                         My opinion:
The story begins with how Tia ended up being Reign's wingman woman. They met at one of his clubs and after a conversation she offered to find him a woman to fuck. Next day he called offering her a job, for 5.000 dollars she would be his wingman until his ex came back to him. They're getting along pretty well, she pisses him off some times but he seems to like it.They developed a weird casual friendship. Soon enough Tia meets Reign's ex Selena, a beautiful but bitchy woman. In the meantime Tia met Xander, he works for Reign and he is supposed to be a ladies man, just what she needs, a good lay. Bad thing: the guy is a fucking psycho. When Reign found out what he did to her, he took care of him. Autumn, Tia's friend seemed to have a problem but refused to tell her, so she was worried about her. And when she found out that her friend was in real danger Reign called Jackson and Spike to help her.When Selena is near Reign he changes into an asshole and Tia hates that, she also hates Selena. She started to care more than she should about him and that hurts her. Reign lusted over her too and had the chance to taste her. Selena was succeeding at ruining Tia's and Reign's relationship.But 
the smart bikers helped Tia to make a plan so she can show to him what kind of whore Selena is. In the end Reign opened his eyes and saw who was the right woman for him.

I freakin loved it. It's funny and sexy. I finished it in one day, i couldn't bare to put it down.
I'm in love with Tia's character, she is  funny,sweet,sexy,she knows how to throw a decent punch and when  to curse.
Reign is sexy, broody but funny and he's a man that he can love deeply. We see Spike , Jackson ,Cade and their ladies from the Mc Sinners series. These boys helped alot Tia, she was one of their own in the end.

My favourite lines:
1)As if sensing my presence, he turns and holy shit, my
panties shrivel up and die at the mere sight of him. 

2)“Why are you hard?” I screech, pushing my hands up between us and pressing them against his chest. He doesn’t move.
    “I have a nice, warm, pretty attractive body up against mine,” he says simply. “And I’m horny.”
    “You’re disgusting, do not even think about getting lucky in this closet with me.”
    “Don’t need to get lucky, baby,” he says, his voice almost evil. “But I can get revenge.”
    “Oh don’t you even-”

3)“It won’t matter, it will give me great satisfaction. Don’t pretend you don’t like it, your pussy is all hot and bothered against me.”

4)     “You don’t shut that pretty mouth, I’ll roll you over and fuck you. God knows you owe me.”
     I snort and slide out of the bed. “I don’t owe you anything, and you’re certainly not getting a piece
of this.”
     I point to my body and wiggle. His mouth twitches.

5)I think my fuckin’ hips are broken. Shit, girl, you ride it like you stole it.”
     I laugh softly. “You know me. I never do things in halves.”

6)“Touch your gorgeous nipples, rub them. Turn every fucker on that looks up here. Show them how good it feels to have my cock deep inside your sweet cunt,”

7)And who knew that the wingman, or lady, in my case, could actually get the guy?

    Now that shit is how stories should truly end.

You can buy it on Amazon:
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