Something new (Foster Siblings #2) by Cameron Dane

A product of foster care, survivor Abby Gaines shields her heart and doesn’t believe in romance or love. Not even for Rodrigo Santiago and Braden Crenshaw -- the two men -- friends -- starring in her erotic fantasies.

Tough-as-nails Rodrigo wants Abby with a passion. Just being near her makes him hard. To hide his desire, Rodrigo trades barbs and challenges everything Abby says. Rodrigo’s secret? Recently, someone else has begun arousing heterosexual Rodrigo’s libido too. Another man. Braden Crenshaw.

Bisexual, Braden has bounced between men and women in affairs that never last. He’s tired of hurting people but has never believed ménage relationships can work…until Abby and Rodrigo make him start aching for something new.

When Abby begins dreaming of her parents’ brutal double murder, the visions unearth new elements that make Abby question everything she thought she knew about the crime. Once Braden and Rodrigo discover the nightmares haunting Abby, they vow to help her find answers whether she wants their assistance or not.

Working in close quarters -- not to mention sharing a bed -- reveals everyone’s most secret desires. If this threesome can let down their defenses, their shared attraction just might become an all-consuming love.

                                                                                             My opinion:
The prologue is about how Abby's parents got killed and she ended up in foster care.
Abby felt a sexual attraction towards two men, Rodrigo and Braden. The two men were attracted to each other and toward Abby as well, but most of them didn't want to admit it. She was start to hiding and Rodrigo was worried about her, he wanted to help her. Abby had started having nightmares again about the night that her parents died, now she dreamed
about specific facts that she never had before. When she couldn't stand it anymore she called the Rodrigo and Braden. That night they chased her nightmares away and gave her pleasure. Branden put a friend of his to look into Abby's parents case. It seems that the killer is still out there. Abby begun her own investigation too. The three of them were ready to find out who the murder was. In the meantime they would explore each other and see where that would lead them. They were starting to getting used to the whole menage relationship and were enjoying the time they spend together. Branden caught the murderer, Abby could finally sleep without her nightmares. Abby had been through alot but in the end she earned the 
love of two incredible men who would have done anything for her to be happy.

This was great, i liked that it was mostly romantic but had a bit mystery to it. You can see the struggle of a young woman who's trying to find her parents' murderer with the help of her two lovers. Also we see how those three people ended up in a menage realtionship. Branden was the open minded and helped them accept the whole thing easily. Each 

character is unique with their own flaws but they have something in common and that's the love for each other.

My favourite lines:
1)Find a man and woman who can give you what you need, together. Enough bouncing back and forth. Stop thinking that one right person will come along and settle this need inside you. Denying who you are is hurting too many people along the way.

2)I can smell her too, Braden said. He leaned into Abby, and his eyes slid closed for a moment as he breathed her in.
What do you think is making me so fucking hard?

3) Fucker. The man's smile danced right up into his eyes. I am. Not a half-bad one either, or so i've been told. Which i can't fucking wait to show you one day soon.

4)You have no idea how much i want to spread you open across this couch and fuck you blind right now.

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