Beauty and the bad boy (Bad Boy #1) by Scarlett Dupree

A bad boy biker from the Ghetto. Born to the gang. Born to kill. 
A beautiful, young woman from the Heights. Born to be free. Born to love.

Polar opposites. But one thing binds them: A tragic past.

Jake vowed never to love again after his girlfriend was brutally murdered. He’s never forgiven himself for her death. As for Dakota, her happiness was killed by a loss so deep she'd stopped living. After years of sleeping with biker groupies, Jake's bad boy reputation is ripped apart as soon as Beauty steps into his life. As for Dakota, the hunky, inked, heavily muscled, bad boy forces her to live again. Her very life depends on it.

This story tells of Beauty's transition into Bad Boy's world of violence, betrayal and death. A world dominated by men who live by a strict code where love and beauty come second to the gang. It would take a woman of a certain calibre to stand by such a bad boy. But Dakota isn't just any woman. She can fight. She can shoot, and she has the mouth of a sailor. Her grim past has forced Dakota to be headstrong, and so she rebuffs Jake's need to protect her. But Dakota must realize she is as tough as her understanding that, once in awhile, she needs a tenacious man to lean on, especially if that man’s idea of love is to lay his life down for her.

They say when you're at your lowest point your soul is lost. But what happens when the ties of fate bind two lost souls? Would they choose to risk their last remnant of hope to be together? 

Beauty and the Bad Boy is about two lost souls who made such a choice one night, and the dangerous journey they embark upon because of it. But, will their instinct to fight for love save them or will it be their undoing in the end?

                                                             My opinion:
Jake was in love with Tina when he was eighteen, but she was murdered three years later. That moment he swear he would never fall in love again. After so many years he still didn't notice women until she came, she was a real beauty, a sassy one. He was reacting to her like he never did before with a woman. Dakota was attracted to Jake as well but she didn't 
want to show it. She hadn't felt anything for a man after her husband's death and now that she felt like this for him it made her sad and confused. These two had something in common, they had suffer alot in their lives. Before he made a move on her he explained in how much danger he could put her because of the way he lives, but she didn't care, she had nothing
to lose. They spend the night together and had so much fun. They both fell hard and fast for each other. A few months passed and their love was much stronger, they had their ups and downs but that brought them closer. When another gang attacked the Fire Birds, Dakota showed that she wasn't a weak woman but a real fighter. Dakota wanted to meet Jake's daughter and he was so nervous about it, he hadn't seen her for over a year. After a few days another cartel attacked them which sent Dakota to the hospital. Jake wouldn't survive if she died. When Jake found out who caused these attacks was very angry and when he was in danger his love saved him. But in the end he had to choose between the love of his life and his family.

It's a very intense and emotional novel. There's romance, lots of sex and action. Biker gangs, drug cartels, violence, deaths.
I loved the description of two people falling in love with each other and developing strong feelings so fast that they had never felt before with their old love ones. From Jakes parts you can figure out that something is wrong with a member of his club and that kept me going as much as the hot scenes between him and Dakota. Thier story is beautiful buti would have liked to read more about him and his daugther.
Dakota was a strong woman, in spirit and in strength, she also had the mouth of a sailor but i think it suit her. She wasn't a woman you wanted to mess with. Jake was a badass bad had such a big heart, he also had alot of guilts and he worried too much. He had screwed up too many times but thankfully Dakota loved him too much to leave his ass.

My favourite lines:

1) Bite me.
   Not on a first date.

2)First off, who names their car? Secondly, everyone knows cars are female.”
    “Firstly, I do, bucko. Secondly, I didn’t realise cars had vaginas. ”

3)Jake… What a perfect name for a perfect, sex-god.

4)The only words cycling through my mind were: Oh my... Bad... Oh Boy... Sex... Oh God.

5)I think most people are selfish, untrustworthy
douchebags, so I don’t have any real friends. I. Am. Alone. 

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