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The Good Girl by Lily White and Dawn Robertson

 School from nine to four.
Bartending from nine to two.
Wake up and do it all over again.
All while depending on no one but myself…
because everyone in my life has repeatedly let me down.

I cling to the one thing that will always remain a constant in my life: Art.
Body art, photography, painting… you name it and my interest is piqued.
Almost as strong as his interest in me.

I wanted nothing to do with him
But he was the type who took what he wanted.
His hate became his obsession
And his obsession became so much more.

I am his good girl
And I wonder if he will ever let me go


My opinion:
Two tortured souls who were facing life in different ways.

Eleni was a grad student who was addicted to alcohol. Gabriel had survived a car crush which left
him with many
scars. He was also a loner, no family,friends or lovers. His only love was the tattoos he had covering his body. Gabriel hated alcohol and drugs
because those two had ruined his life. One day he met a woman who was drunk he hated her for that but he wanted her because she seemed to be
as tortured as he was. He decided that she was going to be his. He stalked her and then he kidnapped her. When Eleni woke
up the next morning she realised that she was in big trouble and she was scared. Gabriel wanted to know more about her, about her life.
She was trying to make him let her free but she was only making him angrier. He wanted to help her but she was making it so difficult for him.
When she realised how much he wanted her she decided to submit to him. When Eleni was following his orders he was very nice but when she didn't
he was a monster. She hated for everything he made her do but her body loved every minute of it. After many days who kept her captive he
told her the truth about the reason he took her and why he was going to kill her. Eleni would have accepted her death if she hadn't found
out about the little miracle.

Wow it's definately a dark novel but at least it has a happy ending. There's too much violence, sex, rape and love.
Both main characters are so fucked up and sick. They have demons inside of them who talk to them and make them ruin their
own lives and hurt people. Gabriel's character is much worst though. He might be lonely all the time but he had the tedency
to hurt others. Eleni on the other hand was only harming herself, she was a nice person and she only wanted to be loved.
The only annoying part about her was her bitchiness.
My favourite part was that they both were trying to save each other.

My favourite lines:
 1)“Keep talking like that and I’ll have to tie you down again. I thought we were finally working this
thing out between us. I say ‘jump’ – you say ‘how high’.”

2)Guide him to the light? I can’t even fuckin’
get myself there.

3)“I don’t want to be this monster, Eleni, but I have no choice.”

4)“You still have light in you. Despite the life you were given, despite the life YOU believe they
destroyed – you still live like NONE of it ever happened. You’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes
and I was left alive because I’m supposed to destroy you, Eleni. I’ve been left behind to finally rid the
world of the ONE FUCKING PERSON that keeps those bastards alive!”

5)All in all? I was fucked.

You can buy it on Amazon:
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