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Filthy Beautiful Love ( Filthy Beautiful Lies #2) by Kendall Ryan

 I never expected to watch Sophie walk away. She was mine. I would own her. She just didn't know it yet. New goal: Seal the deal and rock her world so thoroughly she never wanted to leave again.

                                                               My opinion:
 When Sophie found out that Colton was married she left broken hearted and went home. She missed him alot and obviously he did too because he flew to Rome so he can talk to her. He told her everything about him and his wife but she still couldn't trust him. But Colton wasn't giving up.So he made her another proposition. He asked her to stay with him as friends but from the moment he blurted that out they both knew it would never worked. Their lust and love took over and they became more than just friends. Everything were great until tragedy hit them and caused Sophie to change a bit. Then she found a letter that urged her to live her life fully. Sophie and Colton had their happy ending!!!

This series is getting better and better. Their relationship is growing, they are madly in love and they finally have sex. We get to meet Becca, Sophie's twin sister, she was an awesome character. We also get to know Pace a little better, and turns out that he's not just a playboy. We learn more about
Colton's past. I love a good happy ending...

My favourite lines:
 1)It’s okay, you can touch him, baby.
Please fucking touch him.

2)"Did you change your mind about all this,
because I’ll fuck you here and now, so deep you’ll still feel my cock inside you tomorrow."

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                                                                     Filthy Beautiful Love

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