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Thr3e by Ted Dekker

Enter a world where nothing is what it seems. Where your closest friend could be your greatest enemy.
Kevin Parson is driving his car late one summer day when, suddenly, his cell phone rings. A man who identifies himself as Slater speaks in a breathy voice: You have exactly three minutes to confess your sin to the world. Refuse, and the car you're driving will blow sky high.
Kevin panics. Who would make such a call? What sin? Kevin ditches the car. Precisely three minutes later, a massive explosion sets his world on a collision course with madness.

                                                                 My opinion:
Kevin was going to be a priest because he needed to change, to escape the demons of his past. One day while he was at his car he answered his phone and what listened scared him. A man told him that he had three minutes to confess his sin or he would blow his car. He panicked, got out of the car and saw it exploded before him.The same night he called again and gave him another riddle to solve or his friend was going to die. His best friend Samantha came to help him.Slater was keep blowing things and gives him more riddles to solve. Kevin was terrified and angry at him. His friend and the FBI agent,Jennifer,were trying to help him and find Slater but Kevin had enough of it and tried to take things in his own hands. After a few days they were getting closer to him but they sure didn't expect to find that person behind all of this terror.

The best mystery book i have read so far. It has suspense and oh so many twists. There's so much fear, anger and confusion. Interesting characters totally different. There's the good, the evil and the man who struggles between those two. The main character is a description of every human being with a free will. I didn't expect the end.This is not a book you can put down easily. It's the first Ted Dekker's book i read and i have to say that i'm very impressed. Great storyline, detailed writing.

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