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Hiding in plain sight (prequel to the Hellion MC) by J.A. Hornbuckle


Reese is on the run from the future her family forced on her.

Raised in a house of hurt, never learning to trust or love, Reese knows her future will be a bleak as her past if she stays with the abusive crime boss her father sold her to at age 21. Without a clue of how to protect herself, she runs away, desperate for escape. But pursued by the dangerous henchmen sent to find her, she chooses to avoid exposure and travels the back highways in order to get as far away as possible. When her car breaks down on a desolate country road, should she trust the biker who stops to help, no matter how hot she finds him? With danger close behind, does she have any other choice?

Brand's future was stolen from him long ago.

His family cruelly ripped from his life by his country's civil war, Brand had his own painful past to forget...and his own dangerous secrets to keep. As a rogue member of the Hellion's Motorcyle Club, he has enough on his plate without taking on a stranded damsel in distress. Yet, when the trouble the young beauty is wrapped up in turns out to be much bigger than just a broken down vehicle, Brand feels compelled to help keep her safe...and close.

Can these two damaged souls find a new future together?

When the paths of two lost people intersect and their need for each other grows, can Brand and Reese forge a better life for themselves and each other while hiding in plain sight?

                                                            My opinion:
 Reese was trying to escape from a man. She bought a car and travelled but after a few days the car broke down in the middle of nowhere. She was scared,sweaty and didn't think that anyone could come to find her. But someone came, a hot as hell biker. Brand offered to take her to the
next town, she wasn't sure if she should accept but she had no other choice. Brand realised that she was running from someone and he was determined to find out why. He was doing anything he could to keep her safe but those who were after her now were really bad and powerfull guys.Those guys were the same who had hurt his family and he was after them for so long. Brand had to change his plans in order to keep her safe also he started having feelings for her. He did as he promised, kept her safe and when she was out of danger he wasn't sure if she would want to be with him anymore.

It isn't just a romantic biker story, it has so much action in it. The Hellion brothers fall in love fast and deep. Once they chose their girls they don't let them go (not that the girls would ever think about leaving them). I loved the book so much it was hard to put it down so i read it all in once. It describes the kind of love that one would sacrifice his life instead of seeing his lover getting hurt. Also it
shows the loyalty and trust that the brothers have between them. Brand's body description was so freakin hot.

Brand's only life purpose was to take out the people who hurt his family, but when he met Reese everything changed. Reese only wanted to go as far as she could from that old creeper who bought her and tormented her. But then she met Brand who showed her how good it was to be desired
by a real man. He made her feel so good. For their first time in their whole life they were both happy.

My favourite lines:
 1)Yeah, he was hot.
    The bastard

2)one should ever look that good, in that heat, in the fucking middle of Kansas.

3)Don't you hate it when people answer a question with another question?

4)"We marry, we fuck."

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                                               hiding in plain sight

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