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Among the Chaos: Soldiers of the Chaos MC #2 by A.A. Askevold

 The most important rule in the world of the outlaw MC is 'Club first. Always.'

Everything Nikki has, her club, her patch and the love of those two men, is riding on her ability to keep her stuff locked up tight. She'd left Cole in the past and locked away the darkness in a prison built of determination, will and her love for Tex and Trace. The problem with the past though is that it doesn't always stay there.

Now that they had Nikki back Trace was determined not to let her go. He had a plan, an unorthodox plan he'd admit but one that would keep her focused on the club and on he and Tex. But even the best laid plans don't always turn out the way you want them to.

Tex is constantly haunted by that night, Nikki's bloodied back and the screams of agony she'd made when Doc treated her. He would do anything not to see her hurt like that again. That was why he agreed to Trace's plan, why they'd all agreed to Trace's plan. It also meant he'd finally get her back where she belonged, in his arms.

As the Soldiers of Chaos MC's man-at-arms Nikki's father, 'Reaper' Jones, was constantly putting the club first, to the point where he sacrificed everything including his relationship with his daughter for the sake of the club. So when Nikki finds out that her old man has an illness whose symptoms will jeopardise the safety of himself and the club, she intervenes and negotiates a compromise. She will allow him to keep his condition hidden from the club for a short time under one condition, she becomes his shadow.

The death of a brother, Reaper's illness and implications they have a traitor in their midst plunge Nikki into turmoil both inside and out.

What will she find among the chaos?

                                                            My opinion:
Nikki was now strong and healthy so it was time the boys to take back what was theirs. They were tired about Nikki going back and forth between them so they took the matters in their own hands. Something terrible happened to the club, a founding member was found murdered just like her mom, Bridges didn't forget about them. A week earlier: Nikki was trying to move forward and forget the past, the boys were going to help her with that. Then they informed her about the things she was missing from the club business. She fucked up and she had to earn the members' trust again, she also had Cole asking for forgiveness.Now: Things were getting worst and worst while they were closing to find Bridges,the club found out who was the rat but she found out who was Bridges and she didn't like that at all.

The story is getting more interesting. Still lots of action,sex and betrayal. Nikki is trying to fight the monsters inside her but she doesn't win. Tex and Trace don't give up on her and trying to help her because they love her. She finds out who the rat is and why he did that to the club. But the worst for her was finding who was Bridges. Too many truths are being revealed which makes the story more complicated and interesting.

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                                                               Among the chaos

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