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Chaos Abounds: (A Soldiers of Chaos MC series #1) by A.A. Askevold

 There is darkness lurking inside us all. What would you do to escape yours?

Nikki grew up in the Soldiers of Chaos Motorcycle Club and as far as women in MC's go she's somewhat of an anomaly. Nikki's one of very few patched female members in the existence of outlaw motorcycle clubs. Between club business and the long running love triangle between her, the club's VP and his best friend Nikki's life is complicated to say the least. Or at least she thought it was.

Then she discovers her mother murdered.

The event unleashes something dark that had been laying dormant inside her all this time and leads her down a dangerous path into the arms of an equally dark and powerful man. How far will she go to quiet the dark inside her? What will be left of her when she does?

Walker 'Tex' King and Trace Deveraux have been in love with the same woman since they were kids. But she's no ordinary woman. She is the darling of their MC, the daughter of the club's man-at-arms and the strongest most stubborn woman they know. Their precarious balance is made more difficult by Tex and Trace's friendship and Nikki's unwillingness to break either of their hearts by choosing one over the other. They've nearly lost her once before and when she pulls away from them embarking on a mission of self-destruction the fight is on to bring her back.

As events unfold they discover there is more to the murder of Nikki's mum than first appears. They begin to uncover an interwoven web of coincidences, lies and cover ups that will lead them to nowhere good.

                                                           My opinion:
Nikki belonged to the Soldiers of Chaos MC. She went to check on her mother one night but she didn't expect to find her murdered and the people who killed her inside the house too. They caught her but she was smarter and escaped, but she also wanted to know who sent the two freaks. When her friends found her she was in bad shape and took her to the hospital. Tex (one of her close friends) wanted to kill the person who did that to her. After a few weeks she was better,but the only thing that she wanted was to find out what happened between her dad and Bridge. Her two friends, Tex and Trace,were trying to look after her but she was making it difficult for them. She was drowning in the darkness and kept her self busy so she wouldn't have to think about what was happening. And there was a man (Cole) who was ready to help her disappear into the darkness. There was an angry man after her and the club was going to use her as a bait to catch him, her boys weren't happy about it. The man that wanted to hurt her was dead, but now Nikki
had to end the strange relationship she had with Cole and that wasn't as easy as she thought.

I have mixed feelings about this book. First of all it's a well written story, with lots of action sex and love scenes. I liked that the MC were close as a family,especially how the prez and his wife took care of the kids of the other members like they were their own. I loved Tex's and Trace's
characters, they were both good guys, the first one had the bad boy look going on and the second the good guy with the panty dropping smile. Now about Nikki,i know she had been through alot and was always trying to be strong but to me she was a weak bitch who used sex,alcohol and pain instead of dealing with her feelings and her problems. I liked the begining and the end of this book mostly, and Nikki's sex scenes with Tex and Trace.

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                                                                    Chaos Abounds

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