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Beta (Alpha #2) by Jasinda Wilder

 Roth and I are on an open-ended tour of the world. Roth being Roth, this means missionary in Morocco, reverse cowgirl in Calcutta, bent over the bow of a houseboat in Hanoi, slow and sleepy on St. John. Anywhere and everywhere, in every conceivable position, and some I didn't know were possible.

Life was pretty incredible.

Until I woke up in his chateau in France, alone. On the bed next to me was a note. There were only four words:

He belongs to me.

                                                               My opinion:
Roth and Kyrie were travelling the world, they were in a different place every week, it was amazing until one morning. They always woke up together but that morning she was alone with a letter next to her, it wrote: He belongs to me. She was scared and called Harris for help. After a couple of
hours someone was coming after her.With Harri's help she was alive and after he explained to her who might have kidnapped Roth, they were going to find him in Greece.Roth was suffering in the hands of his psychopath ex lover and old associate. Kyrie found him but he was broken by that psycho. Kyrie was trying to fix him and when she did that Gina found them and took Kyrie with her, Roth and his friends were out for blood. They found her, she was in bad shape, Gina was dead and her dad would go after them. Noone messed with Vitaly.

This was so intense. Both main characters were kidnapped,tortured and were safe in the end. There were parts that were really sickening. I would never expect this book to be so different from the first one, the only similarities were their strong love ,his friend's devotion, Roth's wealth and sex (there was lots of sex in this one). I hated to see Roth being broken by Gina but i loved how strong Kyrie was. She was ready to kill anyone who would harm her love.

My favourite lines:
 1)“This is serious? For real? You aren’t joking?”

2)She wasn’t just an ex-girlfriend, you know? She brings the whole ‘crazy ex’ thing to a
whole new level, right?”

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