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Lilith (Lucifer's Legion MC #1) by Kelli Maine

Who am I?
I’m every woman’s worst nightmare.
A taker of lives.
You can call me Lucifer.

Luc “Lucifer” Bontrager is a nomad in Lucifer’s Legion Motorcycle Club. Traveling chapter to chapter, he brings in big money kidnapping women, training them and selling them over the border. He’s heartless, brutal and all business.

And then he meets his match.

Lilith. Every man’s worst nightmare. A taker of lives. A sociopath on the run.

Inked up with satanic symbols and verses, she’s fearless and completely insane. Luc can’t train her, he sure as hell can’t ship her over the border to the cartel boss waiting for her, and—for the first time in his life—he can’t bring himself to put a bullet in her head either.

She’s his worst regret.

Her words and cold, calculating eyes haunt him. She’s the devil on his shoulder, reminding him of all his sins. He should’ve killed her when he had the chance, because when the unthinkable happens and Luc falls for the young, innocent girl he’s training, Lilith seeks her revenge, targeting the only girl he’s ever wanted to keep as his own.  

                                                                 My opinion:
 Lucifer was a nomad from the Lucifer's Legion MC, he was training women to be sex slaves and the MC was selling them to other cartels. But one night he found the wrong bitch,Lilith. She was  a psycho. He couldn't fix her and sell her so he had to kill her. Lucifer couldn't do it he just left her in the desert. Now he had to find another girl to train. He was getting attached to her and he didn't like it at all.Then the one mistake he made come back to haunt his ass.

This is one sick hot short story. Both Lucifer and Lilith are hot but crazy. The one more than the other. You won't get more information about their past just that they have been tortured and that why they are who they are. At some point in this story we see that Luc can have feelings for a
woman which he tries to hide because he's not used to that. I got to say i loved the end and that i hate that i have to wait till the next book comes out.

My favourite lines:
1)“I’m every woman’s worst nightmare. A taker of lives.” I clamp down on her nipples between my fingers and thumbs and squeeze hard. She lets out a small whimper at the quick onslaught of pain. “A trainer of slaves. You can call me Lucifer.”

2)“Lilith,”she says. One side of her mouth quirks up, almost a smile. “Every man’s worst nightmare. Taker of lives. Demon of the night.”

3)She slides my own fuckin’ gun up to my head, gives me a bat shit crazy smile, and says, “Say
goodbye to life as you know it, bitch. You’re mine now.”

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