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Ridge Creek ( Ridge Creek #1) by C.L. Green

Note: This is the first part of Arianna and Jake’s story in the Ridge Creek series. The second and final part of Arianna's story is available under the title Ridge Creek Reunited.
Narrowly escaping death at the hands of her enraged boyfriend, Arianna Lovett is on the run. Badly injured with no-one to turn to, her savior comes in the form of a gorgeous biker bad boy, Jake Holder.
With the help and support of Jake and his family, Arianna quickly finds herself building a new life living out the back of their Harley shop in a small country town called Ridge Creek.
Fighting with the demons of her past, Arianna is quick to discover safety in the arms of lawless biker with a strong protective instinct and a heart of gold.
Or does she?

                                                               My opinion:
 Arianna was injured badly in the middle of nowhere and was trying to escape her psycho boyfriend, that's when her savior found her,a biker named Jake. He took her home and took care of her. While she was in the bed of pain she was thinking how she ended up there. When she got better Jake told her that he and his biker friends would keep her safe.She met all of the guys and after many days she was healing fast and was acting like a normal person again. Her friend
Emma came to live with her. Everything was fine so far, she was building her life again and those people accepted her as one of their own, especially Jake's family. Jake wanted her to be his woman so he had to be honest with her about his life and his job. Her happiness didn't last long since her ex's boss found them.

Good story. It's a light book,the storyline isn't so complicated:a biker finds an injured woman brings her home, takes care of her, falls in love with her and her major problem became his too. Arianna's character is a bit weird and funny, some situations that ould freak out other people for her seem normal. Jake is the typical alpha male, strong scary and hot with a big loving heart. I liked it a lot.

My favourite lines:
 1)I think her head’s as fucked up as the rest of her

2)As I muse about the fineness of his ass, I find myself unable to resist so I give it a quick tap and
whisper, “Yeehah!”

You can buy it on amazon:
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