Ridge Creek Reunited (Ridge Creek #2) by C.L. Green

 Note: This is the second part of Arianna and Jake’s story in the Ridge Creek duology. The first part of this story is available under the title Ridge Creek and should be read first.
Having escaped kidnap and certain death once before, is Arianna strong enough to survive another round?
As more of Arianna’s past relentlessly pursues her, she soon learns that not everything from her past was as it seemed. Hidden truths are unburied as Arianna realises that her old life bought her only misery and pain.
Once again with the help of gorgeous biker bad boy, Jake Holder, Arianna comes to terms with her new life in Ridge Creek and soon discovers there is no other place she’d rather be.

                                                            My opinion:
  Arianna is kidnapped by dangerous people and Emma feels like it's her fault. They had to find her and Emma was the only one who could help. Arianna wakes up in the back seat of an expensive car but her kidnappers seems odd to her, they are too kind. They took care of her and her puppy and then told her why they took her. What she learnt was a big surprise to her. While they were trying to figure how to deal with the new revelation another problem popped up. Arianna
was a magnet to danger and psycho people. Thankfully for her she had enough people in her life who loved her and wanted her safe and happy. In the end she was a free girl who could do whatever she wanted with her life.'

This book was as interesting and good as the first one. We see another side of Arianna's character, the fighter. We get to meet the evil wife and alot of other good and bad people.Problems never stopped for Arianna, either it was caused by people from her past or from Jake's past. Loved the happy end.

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                                                            Ridge Creek Reunited

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