Jason and Keanne by Marian Tee

Jason Christakos is a Greek god, a billionaire, but more than that he’s beautiful inside, someone who loves so fiercely and selflessly without expecting anything in return. 

Jason is the man who saved me from self-destruction, the man who knows all my secrets, and now the man whose broken heart I ache to heal. 

Jason does not see me as a woman, does not believe I can truly love him, and does not think he is capable of loving any other woman than the one he lost to his brother. 

In an all-out bid to win his love, I accept Jason’s challenge. For him to give me a chance to own his heart, he demands that I do everything he wants, and what he wants is for me to realize that someone out there is better for me. 

Too late I realize that Jason also thinks someone out there is better for him – but it is not me…and it might never be me. 

                                            My opinion:
The first time Keanne met Jason it was at her house, he had come to help her with the problem she had. But first he told her what happened to him when he
was just a little boy. They became friends and he helped her to be strong. 4 years later: Keanne went to find him, it was her turn to help him. Jason was 
hurting because Lilac was getting married with his brother, he loved her. Keanne was in love with Jason but she never told him. The next morning when he was still asleep she whispered that she loved him... and he heard that. He was so surprised it.Jason told her the reasons she shouldn't love him and she 
was determined to prove him wrong. After his rejection she was avoiding him and that didn't sit well with him. When he found her again, she asked him to
give it a try and he agreed under one condition, she'd do everything he wanted. Even through that he was going to show her that there were better men 
than him out there for her.Jason accidentaly had hurt her, now she couldn't trust him anymore, she didn't believe anything he said even if it was what she
was dying to hear the last four years.At the end Jason proved her that he indeed loved her.

It has an interesting storyline. In this book we see a girl who was in love with her friend for many years without him even knowing it. Because of him
she was now a strong young woman. Jason still thinks he's in love with hid brother's girlfriend which causes so much pain to Keanne. They have their 
good and bad moments but in the end they both realise that they can't live without each other. Also in this story we see how much Jason loved Nick
and what sacrifices he did so his brother can have a happy life. I loved Keanee's character, she was so strong,lovely and determined to prove to him
how much she loved him and that she was the only woman for him. But Jason's characters in the most part pissed me off, he was such an idiot. It was alot 

like Nick's story.

My favourite lines:
1)“I am Greek, ma petite. I can forgive, but I will never forget.”

2)“I don’t believe that, Jason. You’re my sun, and you

can only shine for me.”

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