Nick and Lilac by Marian Tee

I don't like men, don't like to talk, don't like to exist outside my books...and yet when Nick Christakos asked me to be his friend, I find myself saying yes, no matter what "friend" could mean to a Greek god like Nick.

Every girl in uni wants Nick because he's a gorgeous billionaire. They don't care that he's arrogant as hell and bed-hops like there's no tomorrow. But I do care. I should know better...and yet when he tells me he loves me, I find myself surrendering, no matter if my heart screams danger, telling me that this dark, dangerous, beautiful man can't ever be mine. 

Nick knows me - the real me, the one who's afraid to stutter, the one who used to do the most sordid and humiliating things just to make a man love me. And I know him, the real Nick, the one who still hurts, the one who still thinks he's ugly and weak where it counts. We may be broken inside, but when we're together my fantasies become reality and his fears fade like a distant memory.

But then she comes along. Karla - his first love. When I look into Nick's eyes, I know. I may be the girl who's brought him back to life, but I'm not the girl who makes his heart beat.

                                             My opinion:
When Lilac was younger she was treated badly by her ex boyfriend and that traumatised her, she was going to a therapist so she can move on. Her therapist told her that one day she'll find a man who will truly love her. Nick was a billionaire heir, when he was sixteen something terrible happened to him but his ex girlfriend saved him, now the same girl abandoned him for another man and that hurt him. But his brother told him that she was not right for him and one
day he would find a girl who will love him as much as he deserves to be loved.Three years later: One day her friend Jilly introduced her to Nick,the famous playboy. Every girl wanted to be with him but when Lilac didn't respond to his looks made him crazy with need, he wanted to fuck this shy girl. It was like a challenge for him.She had a hard time trying to look unaffected by him.Nick knew that he shouldn't mess with a good girl like her but he couldn't stop himself. For some weird reason he asked her to be friends. Without even knowing they both helped each other.Nick needed her too much, but he didn't want to hurt her. Lilac knew the score between them and she was trying not to fall for him.Lilac met his friends and his twin brother, the last one liked her as much as his brother had and was going to make a move on her. Nick was too afraid to love again he thought that everyone was going to leave him, that cost him to lose the girl he truly loved.Would Lilac be able to forgive and believe him again?

I'm in love with this book.It's a sexy funny romance which has alot of love and pain in it.Most of the main characters are people who had something bad 
happened to them by a close person they had.Lilac was the bravest of all of them.Nick was the one who couldn't move on, he was stuck in the past, thinking he still loved his ex girlfriend because she was the one that "saved" him. To me Jason was the kindest character who had a big heart.I liked the way Nick treated her,she was the only person who could make him calm and happy.Everyone loved Lilac and envied or wanted Nick.I'm going to re-read this many many times. :)

As a greek girl i love to read about greek alpha men in romance novels. Most authors when they write about a greek character they just mention that they
are from greece without saying a greek word and if they decide to do it they say a greeting which all the tourists learn when they come here. But i was very 
happy when i saw the word <manari mou> in this book. It's something that we only use, i've never read that anywhere else and she didn't just use it once,
it was in almost every chapter.

My favourite lines:
1)And then he gave her his own kind of Cool Nod, one that had an arrogant You-Can’t-Intimidate-Me-With-Just-That flair only someone like Nick Christakos could carry off.

2)Greek gods could really be the worst thing to happen to women on earth

3)The way he gazed at her was criminal, and the way his smile sent butterflies flying inside her tummy like they were drunk was even more worrying.

4)“And if you keep wetting your lips like that,” he warned in a low growl, “I’ll forget I’m trying to play nice, take you to the nearest room we can be private, and let your body know who its master is.”

5)“That one finger is not fucking anything like my cock.
It’s too small while I’m too big, too long, too fucking hard…my cock would fill you completely until you can only think of me, only feel me.”

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