The Panty Whisperer by Sloane Howell

Have you ever been pushed to the edge, and then over it? Have you ever had your toes cramp and your head shoot to the sky, trying to log every touch, every feeling in your memory, to reenact every situation later in the shower, or underneath your cool bed sheets? Have you ever had someone own your mind, penetrating every single one of your sexual fantasies, unable to shake free of them? 

The thought of me will be a thirst you can't quench, an itch you just can't scratch, a drug that you cannot have. Every time your run your fingers down over your body, longing for that unattainable feeling I gave you, that warm sensation shooting into your toes, that complete surrender of all inhibition, aching for me to have you just one more time, I'll be there, inside your mind... 

My name is Joel Hannover and I am the panty whisperer. Some men are good at business, some gifted at mathematics--I'm good at making women come, hard. It's a gift I've possessed my entire life. If there was a girl nobody could bed, I was the first to get there. I always get there. I work as an accounting software consultant. That's a fancy way of saying I'm a salesman. Accounting departments are full of women, dressed conservatively, presumed to live boring, mundane lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. These women are unique, sexual creatures, yearning for someone to take them to their breaking point and beyond. 

Jessica Moore is one such woman, mid-thirties, bad marriage, basically raising the kids are on her own. She is sexy as hell, she just doesn't know what she's capable of. Will I give her everything she longs for? You'll just have to read to find out... 

                                              My opinion:
The panty whisperer aka Joel Hannover is a man with a special talent. He's capable of making women come, he could make any woman do anything he wanted. In this story Joel wanted Jessica Moore. She is a senior fixed asset analyst at a company and a mom of two kids who stays in an unhappy marriage.  For a whole week he's working on making her feel comfortable with him by paying attention to the little details. And on the last day he uses all the information he gathered so he can make her hot and needy for him. When the time he was waiting comes, Jessica surprises him pleasantly.

This is a very short and erotic story. It has a short prologue and it's detailed in the parts that need to be. Unlike most books, on this what you read in the description is what you get, there isn't a secret meaning.

My favourite lines:
1)My first name is Herbert. I hate that name. It’s like my parents were trying to cock block me from conception.

2)No, I want to make this woman come harder than she ever has in her life, if she ever has at all. 

3)Each orgasm is like a symphony, in a different location, with different instruments. 

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