Angel's Halo: Guardian Angel ( Angel's Halo #3) by Terri Anne Browning

Things in Creswell Springs have been quiet lately. Or so it appears. 

Appearances can be deceiving. 

The night I met Gracie Morgan was the night that my life changed forever. I saved her that night, but it feels like she’s been the one saving me ever since. 
Hawk didn’t just save me that night. He took me home with him and his family made me one of their own. I felt safe with them and quickly began to fall for the man that was my Guardian Angel. 

The events of that night have not faded from anyone’s memory. The Angel’s Halo MC delivered their own vengeance against the guys that had hurt Gracie, and the ones that just stood by and did nothing. But they didn’t realize they were dealing with a sociopath like Kevin Samson. Now no one was safe… 

                                                  My opinion:
Gracie was living with the Hannigans for over two months, and was falling more and more for Hawk. The fact that he was sleeping around was breaking her heart so she was trying to make money so she can leave from there. With Raven's help she had now a job at Aggie's. Hawk was not happy with these news, he knew that if she started working she would leave him. That wasn't the only bad news he had that day, the man who tried to rape Gracie was messing with them. All of that made him decide that now was the best time for him to show how he felt for her. They were both happy now that they were together. Finally the time that Jet would get out of prison has come, Raven was so happy about it. She went to decorate the bar for the party but someone had other plans for the Hannigans.

This is the third book of the Angel's Halo series, it's about Gracie's and Hawk's love story. After a few months Hawk has finally decided to claim the woman he loved. Gracie wanted to be independant again, she couldn't just sit around doing nothing. {I loved how cute, and fierce she was.} We get to see the other characters too, and in the end we see Jet getting out of prison. Just like the other two books, it has equal action and love scenes.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                            Guardian Angel

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