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The Escort by Ramona Gray

After years of living under the cruel thumb of her father, Julie Winslow is ready to take back her life and find her happily ever after. There’s only one problem – she’s a thirty year old virgin and embarrassed as hell about it. 

When her best friend suggests hiring an escort to not only help rid her of her pesky virginity but teach her some moves in bed, Julie swallows her pride and calls an escort agency. She books a date with the sexy and gorgeous Cal. 

Court Thomas has been saving his identical twin brother’s butt for years. When Cal calls, begging him to take his place with his latest ‘date’, Court reluctantly agrees. Unprepared for his immediate attraction to the beautiful but fragile woman, he’s rocked by Julie’s request for him to take her virginity. 

Determined to change her mind, he continues to impersonate his brother. But when Julie’s warm kisses trigger a desire he’s never experienced before, will he convince her to wait for ‘Mr. Right’ or take the sweet gift she’s offering? 

                                                My opinion:
Julie is 30 years old and she hasn't lived her life because of her cruel father. Now he is dead, and her best friend is urging her to go out and start living. She's reluctant and scared. Mary told her to do one more thing, hire an escort so she can lose her v-card, so she wouldn't feel like a freak anymore. Julie decided to do it, she went to the escort offices. Cal, the escort she hired, couldn't meet with her so he put his identical brother,Court, to go meet her. They met, he liked her alot, and he asked from his brother to let him take her on two more dates. He couldn't let Julie sleep with a stranger for her first time, she deserved more. His plan wasn't going as he planned, he just couldn't resist her. Julie was falling for him and Court couldn't get her out of his mind, but he couldn't just tell her that he wasn't who she thought he was. Unfortunately she found out and was very hurt about it. He was sure she'll never forgive him. Two people helped her take her final decision.

It's a very sweet and romantic story about a naive and sweet girl and a man who was betrayed by a previous relationship. Julie had self esteem issues because of her terrible father,she had only one friend and was afraid of facing the world. This changed when she met Court. He made her feel beautiful and desirable.  Court hadn't dated a woman after he broke up with his ex but he wanted Julie from the first time he saw her. She was perfect for him. The book is well written,understandable,great love scenes. Very good for a relaxing evening or a light read before bed. :)

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