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Two Worlds Colliding ( Scorpio Stinger MC #1) by Jani Kay

A modern day Romeo & Juliet story. 

All any woman ever wants, is to know that SHE is worth fighting for. 
All any man ever wants, is to know that HE can take care of his woman. Protect her, provide for her, and look after her needs and desires. 
That's enough. Right? 
It matters where they come from. 
It matters who their family is. 
Especially when it's from polar opposite worlds. 
Opposites attracts. Ryder and Jade are drawn to one another like magnets. 

The Princess and the Biker. 
They fall in lust. Hard. 

Is their attraction and lust for one another strong enough to lead to love when everything is stacked against them? 
Will Jade follow her heart or her head? Ryder or her family? 
Can Ryder forget his allegiance to his brothers and Scorpio Stinger MC club to have his Princess? 
What happens when Ryder and Jade's worlds collide? Will they overcome the odds? 
Or will their worlds destroy one another and rip them apart. 
Is the ultimate price too high? 
Is Jade worth fighting for? Ryder thinks so... 

"You are my Juliet. I'll die for you, baby." ~ Ryder. 

                                            My opinion:
Jade was happy that had her best sex of her life with Ryder but was very sad that this could never happen again.Ryder wasn't listening to her warnings about her brother, she was sure that this was the beginning of a war. The next day she went home, her family showed her how unhappy they were with what she did. Jade and Ryder tried to stay away from each other but failed. When everything started being good between them, her brother came in with his threats, making her having doubts about her relationship with Ryder. But Harrison wasn't the only one against them, Cobra made it clear to Ryder that he should stay away from her, she wasn't welcome into their compound anymore. They won, Ryder couldn't put Jade's life in danger. A few weeks later he realised that this was the biggest mistake of his life and he was ready to fight for their love.

The tenacious biker and his princess are back with their love story. In this book we see how both their families are against their relationship. Each side has
their reasons for that but one that is common is that they come from two different worlds. Even if they know they have to stay each other they can't, they prove that their love is very strong. Jade finds out that the white picket fence house and the prince charming isn't what she needs from life and Ryder is for the first time in his life happy. In the end, both of them are ready to fight everyone who stands against their happiness.

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