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Arrow's Hell ( Wind Dragons MC #2) by Chantal Fernando

Being the younger sister of a Wind Dragons MC member isn’t as great as you’d think it would be.

I can’t escape the details of my brother’s exploits. No one tells me anything. Men who know who I am tend to stay away from me.

And worst of all: the members of the MC are off-limits.

When Arrow catches my eye, I make it my mission to make him happy again.

When I fall head over heels in love with him, I just hope he will be there to catch me. And that my brother doesn’t kill him...

                                                               My opinion:
Anna, Rake's sister, came back to her hometown to study for her PhD. She's very proud of her big brother even though he belongs to a Motorcycle club with not so good reputation. Rake brought her to the compound to meet everyone, her eye caught Arrow, the only man who recently decided to be alone for the rest of his life. She didn't give up and tried to find out more about him. She was also pissed off with her brother that treated her like a baby. It took alot of time and a scary situation for Arrow to step up and claim Anna. Even after that, things weren't easy for them, he wasn't used being in a relationship and Anna wasn't going to accept anything less than she deserved.

Very interesting story about a strong willing girl and a broken man. Anna is like Faye, a very sassy, brilliant and educated girl who didn't take shit from anyone. She loved her brother as much as he loved her. but she fell in love with Arrow too. Arrow used to be a very loving and fun person before Mary died. Now he was grumpy all the time. Anna was the only woman who made him feel alive and happy again.

My favouritr lines:
1)I want a strong man who’ll tell my brother to fuck off and smile while he’s doing it.

2)Tracker heads to the dance floor while Arrow lifts me in the air and throws me over his shoulder. My mouth drops open in shock, while my body reacts to being pressed against his.

Okay, maybe it’s time to go.

3)“I see no other option for us. You’re mine, Anna, that’s all there is to it. It’s not a choice, it’s a fact.”

4)“That tongue should come with a warning,” I pant out.

5)“Full of sass, Anna. Maybe I should fuck some of it out of you?”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                                 Arrow's Hell

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