Burning Desire ( Condemned Angels MC #1) by Heather Leigh

Jeremy Moretti and Chase DeLuca have grown up together and into different MCs. Their lives were promised and destined to the Condemned Angels and Hell's Rebels. As they grew, so did Chase's feelings for Jeremy's younger sister, Roxanne. 

Stemming from separate clubs, they have all the stakes against them. Michael Moretti, President of the Condemned Angels has forewarned Chase to stay away from his daughter.There is too much at risk and clubs stick to their own. No mixing whatsoever. 

The years apart have done them good, however, Roxanne has finished school and is back home, and back in Chase's life. However, she isn't alone. Roxanne is dating the Treasurer of her father's club. 

Things start to go wrong as Roxy and Chase's secret feelings grow stronger for one another. Will Chase fight for what has always been his, or will the MC stand in his way? 

                                                          My opinion:
Roxy had a crash for her brother's best friend, the problem was that he belonged to another MC. Her father made it clear that they had to stay away from each other. But it was way too hard since they both wanted each other so much. They shared some special hot moments. Until the night they found out that someone was after her. Her dad asked for the other MC to help him find out what's going on. Chase, her crash, was her new babysitter until they found that guy. When Chase finally found the courage to step up and claim her, she gets abducted by one of their enemies. Her dad, her brother and Chase are going in for the kill.

It's a nice love story. Mostly about the Roxy's and Chase's on and off relationship. There's not much about the MC life. Only a club betrayal and hot scenes between the two main characters. There's also a reference for the main couple of the next book, and a damn cliffhanger. :(

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                                                                 Burning Desire

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