Ride Hard ( Condemned Angels MC #2) by Heather Leigh

Jeremy Moretti, son the of the Condemned Angel’s President, has always had eyes for Nicole, his baby sister, Roxy’s best friend. 
Nicole has eyes for both Jeremy and Hunter. 
The Condemned Angels MC is the only family Nicole has left. After a series of events that almost cost Nicole to take her own life, Jeremy was the one to save her. 
They have both struggled with sexual frustration for years, and have been holding back on each other. Being too stubborn and hard headed, Jeremy decides it’s best to push her away. When he doesn’t step up to the plate, Hunter is there to break her fall. 
While Hunter and Nicole’s relationship blossoms, Jeremy tries to move on. However, he can’t let her go. It always been here, and it always comes back to Nicole. 
After the death of the rival MC’s President, Ryder, has the Devil’s MC in a uproar as Ryder’s surviving brother, Jax has come to seek revenge. 
With revenge, Jax brings unknown secrets that pertain to Nicole, which may risk everything, her safety, her MC family, and most importantly, Jeremy. 

                                                           My opinion:
Chase and Rox are living happily as a family with their newborn son. The new Prez of the Devil's MC,Jax, are in town seeking revenge for his brother's death. Jeremy is jealous of Nicole but is stubborn and doing nothing other than pissing her off. In one night Nicole found out that she was the child of the Devil's MC member and Jeremy claimed her as his woman. Nicole fearing that something bad could happen to him decided to go find The Devils and make a deal with them. The next night he and Hunter were going to save her from those idiots.

This is the story of Jeremy, Rox's big brother, and Nicole, Rox's best friend. They want each other so much but the first one is so stubborn that takes him too long too claim her. In this story the Devil's have the upper hand and screwing the Condemned Angels. In the last chapter we have a new revelation about Hunter and a mystery redhead.

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                                             Ride Hard

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