Saved ( Lucifer's Legion Motorcycle Club #4) by Kelli Maine

Soul of my soul.

Left with Lilith's haunting words, Luc sees himself for the irredeemable man he truly is. 

Lucifer's Legion Motorcycle Club's reputation is ruined, the clubhouse is burned to the ground, and Angel is the only remaining loose end for the club to tie up. 

With nothing left to lose, Luc makes the only move he has left and sacrifices everything for the only woman who ever made him want to be a better man.

                                                                    My opinion:
Luc took Angel and left. He had no brothers anymore since he betrayed them for the girl. He was so angry with her, because of her he lost everything. Even for a few seconds he thought that he could keep her and create a family but he soon realised that couldn't happen. The MC was looking for them. Luc had to kill the bitch who ruined his life but couldn't do it. So he did the next best thing he could, he saved both of them.

I have to say that i wasn't expecting this. From the beginning of this series you knew that this isn't a story with a happily ever after but still this was unexpected. In the end i realised how much alike Luc and Lilith were.

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