Death's Dirty Demands ( Chaos Bleeds MC #5) by Sam Crescent

It’s the festive season, and the Chaos Bleeds MC is spending it at the clubhouse, where the women are making it sickly sweet. Death has tried to keep his distance from the redhead, Brianna. He knows there’s something different about her, but unlike his brothers before him, he refuses to fall for the woman who plagues his thoughts. 

Brianna was sold as a sex slave by her uncle, but then in the midst of the fallout from Gonzalez, Devil and his crew saved her. Out of all of the Chaos Bleeds men, Death intrigues her the most. She knows she should keep her distance, but when Devil gives her an ultimatum—to become a club whore, an old lady, or leave—she doesn’t have much choice. 

Death offers his protection. He wants her, but no other brother can have her. She never expects feelings to enter the equation. Keeping Death out of her heart is a lot harder than she anticipated. 

Can Death bring himself to love a woman with a murky past, or will he pass her on when he grows bored? 

                                                         My opinion:
The first book from this series that doesn't have a war in it or deaths. After what happened with Gonzales they are trying to fix their club and business again.It's around christmas time, there's a cozy atmosphere,the brothers love to cause problems to each other. 
The main story is about Death and Brianna, a girl that they saved. Devil and Lexie helped Death to make a move and claim Brianna. She was always shy and hiding, he couldn't understand if she wanted him at all. He gave her a choice and she took it. 

After all she's been through in her life Brianna was finally happy again and living her life without fear.

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                                 Death's Dirty Demands

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