Παρασκευή, 24 Ιουλίου 2015

Casting Call - Jasmine Lee

Male Model:
Dark hair (Military styled)
Blue eyes...
Age: 25 - 35
Needs to be in somewhat shape so he can lift my female model (Bri Jay) and throw her over his shoulder. 
$50 and 2 shirts & pair of jeans

As wardrobe HAS already been bought for the model who backed out, the sizes are Jeans: 30/32 Shirt: M/L

Location: Rusk, TX on Sept. 5th at 9am 

This is for one (1) book cover. 'Nothing Ever Lasts' which is my fourth book to be released in December 2015.

Below is #ALL‬ of my models ‪#PLUS‬ my book covers so far. 


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