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Follow ( social media #1) by JA Huss

 Grace Kinsella is social.
But she likes the anonymity of being a blue bird on Twitter where she can shoot arrows of pithy filth at her favorite movie star. Virtual love is right up her alley.

Vaughn Asher is dominant.
But only in private. A former child-actor turned mega-movie action hero, Vaughn knows how to navigate a world filled with paparazzi, avoid the tabloids, and have his fun too.

Worlds collide on Saint Thomas when Grace comes face to face with the muse who has propelled her into dirty-tweeting stardom online. And he’s got an offer she can’t refuse. After all, how many people get a chance to live out their sexual fantasies with the man of their dreams?

Too bad the man of her dreams turns out to be a #dick.

                                                                 My opinion:
  Grace Kinsella is a girl who likes to talk alot, and also she is the best filthy tweeter. She and many other girls have a group and make contests on who can make the best filthy tweet. Grace had a muse since she started this, Vaughn Asher. Her friend Bebe won a trip and she took her with her, there she met for the first time her huge crush. She had a date with him, she was super excited and nervous. The date wasn't going as she expected it. Instead of a dinner she was going to be taught how to submit. Which wasn't easy at all, there wasn't a moment without a fight. Grace was a woman who did not want to be treated like a toy, and she wouldn't accept anything less than she deserved. Vaughn wasn't giving up on her and he made it pretty clear in the end.

This is such a fun and kind if filthy story. It's a simply storyline, easy to follow. I loved Grace, she was a very real girl, when she wanted something she said it without much thinking. She kept arguing with Vaughn over and over again, she just couldn't back down. Vaughn had never met a girl who defied him so much and even though it wasn't what he usually liked he just couldn't let her go.

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