My Alpha and His Cake ( The Alpha and His Ace #2) by Ana J Phoenix

 Aidan and Brandon are nearing their one year anniversary, and things seem to be going well. Mostly. Sometimes Brandon disappears for hours at a time, and he won't tell Aidan where he's been. Aidan's worried about this, but when he finds out what his wolf's been up to, the answer leaves him speechless.

                                                                   My opinion:
 It's been a year that Brandon and Aidan are together. They grew closer but Aidan still had problem with sex, Brand didn't force him to do anything or made him feel bad about it, which he really appreciated. Lately things weren't so good between them. Aidan thought that Brand was keeping something from him and Brand thought that Aidan was avoiding him and the rest of the pack. They talked about it and saw that it was a big misunderstanding. In the end Aidan realised how much he loved him and decided it was time to complete their relationship.

This is the sweetest end of a m/m wolf story i have ever read.

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                                                                    my alpha and his cake

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