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Outlaw's Bride ( Grizzlies MC #3) by Nicole Snow


He's going to kill me when he finds out. I should've left Roman behind after our unforgettable fling two summers ago. I wasn't supposed to end up having his kid, always looking over my shoulder for the last man in the world meant to be a father.

But danger has a funny way of betraying a woman's best kept secrets, and reigniting old flames that should've died on a hot summer night.

Now, he's hellbent on claiming me in all the explosive ways that make my heart stop and my head spin. I'm losing it, or maybe just my panties. Every single pair.

An arranged marriage with the Grizzlies MC's biggest badass? I shouldn't want this so bad...


Forgive and forget? F*ck no.

I tried like hell to push her away, spent every waking minute on whores and booze. Then I found out what she'd hidden, and I lost my damned mind.

Sally's lies stole more years off my life than prison did. She owes me big. I'm taking her for payment, and I don't care what she's got to say about wearing my brand.

No chick makes a fool outta me. And I'm not fooling when I tell her I'll get my perfect wife, even if we're faking it all the way to the altar.

Give me a week. I'll conquer her spitfire tongue and remind her what it's like to ache desire. I'm not stopping 'til her lips are on mine, making her squirm the way she used to, begging me for more...

                                                         My opinion:
Sally met Roman when he fixed her uncles track. He was her first and her last man. They were together for a while but then he was in prison, she tried to find him and tell him something very important but she couldn't. When he got out of jail she tried again but he wasn't willing to listen what she had to say. Sally made a business deal with the Grizzlies so they can protect them from some dangerous people. One day Roman came to talk to her and found out the secret she was keeping from him. He was furious but ready to take responsibility. She was going to be his old lady either she wanted or not, but he sure was going to make her want it. The cartel beat her cousin badly, they put their old ladies on a lockdown and went to took care of "the rat". The Grizzlies made mistakes and they paid for them. After all the terror and pain came the happiness.

This is by far my favourite book of this series. It has the love and lust from the beginning of the story.  The fighting scenes aren't many and it's mainly with the enemy and not with the club members. In this one we see that the old ladies are finally respected and treated nicely. I loved the scene were Roman finds out about his son.

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