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All Bite, No Growl by Jenika Snow

Forget the foreplay. For the truly committed, it’s all bite. 

Willow has loved Devon and Case for as long as she can remember, but as lion shifters they will eventually find their mates. When she allows herself to be with her two lions after a drunken party, she fears she’s ruined a lifelong friendship and flees before morning. 

Devon and Case have been inseparable since they could walk, but they can’t tell anyone that they are mates. The pride of shifters they belong to won’t accept a same-sex mating. There’s no way they’ll accept their love for Willow? 

When a shocking revelation brings Willow’s world crashing down, she has no choice but to tell Devon and Case how she feels. Will they be able to accept what fate has thrown at them? Do they want to? 

                                                          My opinion:
Willow had been in love with Devon and Case for years. She dreamed about them often. Devon and Case were best friends and also mates, but they kept it hidden because their community didn't accept that. She wanted them, they wanted her but noone made a move because they were afraid that in the end they would end up heartbroken. One night she caught them having sex and everything changed between them. It was finally the time that they could let their fears behind and enjoy the moment. A few days later they found out that all three of them were mates and since their community weren't accepting this relationship they left the town and lived happily.

It's a cute romantic story about three lion shifters that found their mates in a young age. The fact that their love is a taboo doesn't bother them, they chose their mates and left the close minded people behind them.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                     All Bite, No Growl

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