Coming Full Circle ( Friends and Lovers #2) by Liz Andrews

They’ve waited ten years. Will they finally gain everything they ever desired…and more?

There’s only one bright spot Jasmine Hayes can see when she’s suckered into helping plan her high school reunion. At least she’ll be able to reconnect with old friends Chase Randolph and Alex Landry. There’s nothing she regrets more than losing touch with those two handsome guys.

Chase and Alex hadn’t planned to attend the reunion, but the chance to see Jasmine again has Chase intrigued. Alex is his best friend and love of his life, but Jasmine will always be the girl who got away.

One instant message is all it takes to center Alex’s thoughts on a lusty reunion with Jasmine. He’s extremely happy with Chase, but she’s always been the girl of his dreams. He can’t help but wonder if the chemistry the three of them had in high school is still there.

Renewing old ties, however, puts triple the strain on some old ones. The choice they face is which ones to risk severing—and which ones are worth keeping.

                                                                 My opinion:
Chase and Alex seven years later are still in a relationship, living together in their own house now. After ten years an old friend contacted them. The three of them used to be very close. They've been talking with her for the last few days, they can't get her out of their minds and neither can she. The thing is that she had a crash on them since high school and now she wanted more. Chase and Alex invited her for a weekend to their house which she accepted immediately. The first night Chase caught her staring at them while they were having sex, the next day he and Alex talked to her about joining them. Her answer was what they wanted to hear. They had a fun weekend, agreed to do it again but Chase was worried about it. They had feelings for her but they didn't know what she wanted from them. All three of them talked about it and decided to see if they could  all live happily together and be in a committed relationship.

A hot short story about three good friends that ended up being in a relationship. There are many hot scenes as the previous book had but in this one we see how Alex's parents are treating him because of his lovers choice.

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