Best Of Both Worlds ( Friends and Lovers #1) by Liz Andrews

Sometimes you just have to come right out and ask the question.
After months of exploring his bisexuality on his own, college student Chase Randolph is ready for a night out on the town—all the way “out”. He never expected Alex Landry to witness his first experimental sexual encounter, though. Chase has been attracted to his best friend and roommate forever, but one thing is sure: Alex is straight. So straight, he’s never caught on to Chase’s mixed tastes.
Alex assures Chase they will always be friends, but privately, his own reaction shocks him. An ex-jock isn’t supposed to fantasize about his roommate. Not supposed to need another man’s kiss so badly it makes him sweat. He was prepared to change direction after his football career ended before it began, but change this drastically?
As Chase and Alex struggle to come to terms with the changes in their relationship, jealousy pushes friendship to the brink—of disaster…or love.

                                                              My opinion:
Chase was attracted to both sexes and he's been in love with his roommate and best friend Alex. Since nothing could happen between them he decided for the first time in his life to go in a gay bar. He was so nervous. But the moment he went in two gorgeous guys approached him. He ended up going home with one of them. After a while Alex came and caught them in action. They had a talk, Alex reassured him that nothing would change, but as the days passed Chase felt that there was a barrier between them. A few days later after the party they attended, they finally gave in and both took what they wanted from each other. Alex was freaking out since the whole thing was knew to him. He went to see his family and  had a talk with his little sister that opened his eyes. After that he and Chase decided to try and see where this could go.

It's a short story about two best friends who realise that they want each other and decide to explore things further. The story is based on a few hot intimate scenes and a few counseling scenes. If you want something hot and quick to read then this is your book.

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                                       Best of both worlds

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